Man crushed by tree dies after severe weather hits Georgia | LiveNOW from FOX

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A well-known Atlanta realtor died during the Sunday night thunderstorms across Georgia when a tree fell on him in his Buckhead neighborhood.

The Atlanta Police Department said firefighters found 55-year-old George Heery Jr. on Delmont Drive NE struggling to breathe. They tried to give him CPR, but were unsuccessful.

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  1. I was there I got wet I saw the tree minutes before we went up to end our hiking, heavy rain started to pour down and we heard thunderstorms. When we were exiting out with our car. We saw a tree that was down. Then we saw this news

  2. How the hell do you get crushed by a tree. Do people not have eyes, ears, and legs to run away these days?

    Pretty sure I would know a tree was about to come down…. And run!

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  4. What is the BS about this is something that you wouldn't think would happen in this neighborhood? Mother Nature doesn't pick and choose. What a dumb thing for the news media to say and even the person you interviewed. Rip to The Pedestrian who was crushed by the tree, that is really an anomaly but it could happen in any neighborhood




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