Major Winter storm update! Ice storm! Severe storms expected. Latest detailed breakdown

Major Winter storm update! Ice storm! Severe storms expected. Latest detailed breakdown 7

0:00 / Intro
1:40 / Current weather alerts
4:01 / Severe weather update
8:22 / Winter storm update
10:33 / Winter storm Northern Plains update
13:48 / Winter storm North Central update
19:02 / Winter storm Upper Midwest update
27:38 / Winter storm Northeast update
31:49 / Southeast & Temperatures

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  1. Thanks for your update! In Salt Lake, the valley floors had 12 + inches and still snowing lightly as of 5 PM. The Wasatch Mountains and most ski resorts had 20 – 30 + inches! Prayers for this lent season for many personal reasons.

  2. Been watching from Lagrange county northern Indians. Enjoy watching your weather channel pretty accurate forecasts. 2 tenths of ice for us here this morning.

  3. Hey Mitch, just west of State College, PA at 8am, it was 27f and sleeting. then at 915am it began to snow lightly, still 27f. At 940am its snowing heavily, same temp. 1005am mostly sleet with a little snow. And by 11am temp was 30 with mixed sleet and frz rain.

  4. Got about 5-6 inches from yesterdays system here just west of Minneapolis. Just some light snow showers/flurries and even the sun trying to peak out before round two.

  5. Mitch, if possible, give us an idea of what the Temps are going to be like say starting in june/July. This would be for the south east. I have a feeling we are going to be in for triple digit numbers for Temps with heat index. The temps are just way too warm for this time of the year in the south east. We'll need to know what we are heading toward. Thanks.

  6. I am 30 minutes north of the Illinois border in south/central Wisconsin. It is 9:45 am 2/22/23. We have no weather yet. Locally I see snow forecast. We will see.

  7. Hi Mitch & Family !
    Messy day here in Wellsburg NY. High 32 and rain/snow/freezing rain… What can I say it’s NY! Hope all is well with your Ladies and God Bless and protect you all.

  8. I’m In Rochester mn we got 6-7 inches in town from the first wave last night and I’m fully expecting the 12-18 more if we don’t mix with sleet for too long or get dry slotted

  9. Hey Mitch
    How come they haven’t put western ny under a ice storm warning? I live in Rochester ny and the weather service says 3-5 in snow and that we are gonna get 3/10 of an inch of ice which is a lot along with 45 mph winds I just don’t understand why we’re still only under a advisory

  10. We are right in the middle of this mess here in Casper, Wyoming! The entire state is shut down it feels like! Our family of 3 is hunkered down and waiting out this storm.

  11. Great news! My friend Jenn got bone marrow test results and she is cancer free!!! thank you all for your prayers!!! We got a little snow last night here in southern Vt. Lots of sun this morning. Enjoy the day!

  12. Blizzard conditions now in Northern Arizona! 70mph winds and heavy snow. Complete white out. All freeways closed.

  13. Thanks for all you do, Mitch. Fixing to turn on the A/c; not so much for the temperature today, but to start pumping the humidity out of the house and in preparation for the temps tomorrow. GOD bless the Mitch West Weather family in the name of ✝Jesus Christ/Yeshua Ha Mashiach✝

  14. Thanks so much Mitch! My papaw always told me when there was a chance for thunderstorms you could never rule out a tornado. Even if the forecast says we are only going to get general thunderstorms I’m always weather aware. Appreciate your daily updates.

  15. Good morning Mitch. Hope you and family are doing well I would like to ask for prayers for These families Ohio and prayers for the rest of us. Things are starting to get real and were under attack. I've noticed some of these events are not being reported. I post theses events on FB and i'm noticing i'm not getting the first comment. I guess there being shadowed. I can't believe all of things happening now, it's unreal. Anywho, please pray for better times ahead. God Bless to all.

  16. Hello Mitch! Yeah. Yuk! We are in May with the record highs in Northern Georgia temporary. I was forced to actually start my yardwork because of the early growth that's not supposed to happen yet. So I am just waiting in the background to see how this Stratosphere warming causing the reverse wind flow there, dislodging the polar vortex in the next 2 weeks affects the south. It's interesting on the GFS that the arctic front signals it to be on us after March 4th. So I am guessing the second week of March could get wild down here of course pending on any potential systems attached to the fronts and due to the neutral conversion along with how the Climate Prediction Center changes here. God Bless!

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