Lower the volume

Lower the volume

After the earlier disruption to our travel we are on our way again – much to my relief. Images of sitting stationary for hours had lept into my mind. There are strict safety protocols to be followed in these kind of situations.

My orange cycling shirt is quite bright (to match the orange of my bicycle). We didn’t notice that we have sat in a Quiet Zone until halfway into the journey. I couldn’t turn down the volume on my shirt.

Then we realised that a chap a few seats away was wearing some of those leaky headphones that emit as tinny annoying noise. Perhaps he hadn’t seen the notices either?

We are off to the Dunwich Dynamo. Its a turn-up-and-go challenging free-entry overnight 120 mile bicycle ride on-tarmac from London Fields in Hackney, London to the lonely Suffolk beach at Dunwich.

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