Live breakdown of Twister Menace jap ND into northern MN

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Stay briefing on the twister menace embedded inside of squall line racing throughout northern MN, and a couple of renegade twister warnings in severe eastern ND. Tornado risk could ramp up forward of mesoscale convective vortex or MCV in northern WI. Stay tuned to significant weather watches/warnings in the Upper Midwest!


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  1. Hey Reed, as a Minnesotan we don’t get much storm attention but I love paying attention to and seeing bigger storms! Thanks for giving this northern Minnesota and eastern North Dakota area and update and check on! We sure appreciate your knowledge!

  2. Reed Timmer is amazing! Following him since he was a young lad and I was even younger kids at time lol. Definantly a passionate man with everything in life! Thanks for all the great things you do and the knowledge you give!😁




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