Life in the COLDEST PLACE on Earth (Record-Breaking Cold!) | Yakutsk, Yakutia

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Life in the Coldest place on earth, the region of Yakutia (Republic of Sakha), Siberia, Russia, & the Worlds coldest city, Yakutsk. We traveled to Yakutsk in the middle of winter to find out how people here survive in the toughest climate in the world. Little did we know, we would manage to time it so perfect that we would actually arrive during the coldest day in the last 20 years (-63’C / ‘81.5’F).
The lowest air temperature ever recorded in this region is -96°F (-71°C). The coldest town is Oymyakon, which is also in Yakutia, Siberia.
Life up here in the coldest city and region on planet earth is tough, and winter is long, however, people have lived here for centuries. The Yakut (Sakha) people have called this region home for generations and their unique culture & attitude to life has helped them thrive here in cold tundra of Yakutia, Siberia.

Join us, as we explore one of the coldest & unique places in Russia, during the coldest day in recent history!

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Life in the COLDEST PLACE on Earth (Record-Breaking Cold!) | Yakutsk, Yakutia

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  1. What an absolutely mind-blowing look at life in the brutal cold of Yakutsk and the Sakha Republic! This video provided unforgettable insights into how humans can not just endure, but thrive in some of the most extreme climates on Earth.

    The scenes of you two bravely venturing out into the record-breaking -63°C (-81.5°F) temperatures with proper protective gear were already intense enough. But witnessing the local Yakut people going about their daily lives – from children happily playing in the snow to adults commuting to work – in those unfathomable conditions was genuinely jaw-dropping. Their resilience is incredibly inspiring.

    I appreciated the thoughtful context around the generations-deep cultural adaptations that have allowed the Sakha people to carve out an existence in this frozen tundra environment. Everything from their clothing, shelter, transportation and even nutrition is precisely calibrated for survival. Yet their spirits seemed completely unfazed by the hostile cold.

    The footage inside people's homes also highlighted the incredible resourcefulness and community bonds that sustain them. From the warm, spacious interiors to family mealtimes, there was such an atmosphere of coziness and cheer despite the bitter world outside their walls.

    While the sights and facts around Yakutsk's extreme climate were astounding, it was ultimately the human stories and generational knowledge that made this such a rich, eye-opening experience. You transported viewers to the ends of the Earth to reveal the incredible warmth and vitality of the Sakha culture. An epic journey!

  2. There is No Reason to live like that, I would not ever live there or any place with snow. Move away from there because God gave You free will to Pack your Bags and Move to warmer grounds ! !

  3. As a South Dakotan can relate. Were used to blizzards cold weather true ice storms Tornados hail storms derecho storms. 36 still living in my same town I grew up in. Helpful in a lot of ways. Almost beneficial. Teaches us how to prepare. As the saying goes, "Think smart not hard."

  4. So where i am we use °F so had to check when you said -40°C. Wouldn't u know, its the only temp conversion where its the same😂 -40C= -40F. So cold AF😂😂

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