KTM 390 Journey – (Extraordinary Climate) Check Ride To start with Impressions

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Codger Biker last but not least, after lock-down delays, will get his arms on the light-weight-middleweight experience bike. Will he be impressed?
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  1. So does anyone know WHEN the 2021 KTM 390 ADV will be announced?
    I wonder what/of any significant updates it will come with fur the USA market.
    I will be comparing this to the new 2021 UPDATED BMW G310gs ADV. 👍🏽

  2. Yet another Codger checking in….73 here. Here's my dilemma. I currently own a 2019 KTM 690Enduro R and a Kawasaki z650 naked street bike. I bought the Z650 to compliment the 690. Problem is I keep passing lots of double track dirt roads while riding the Z650 and have been experiencing some buyers remorse. So now I'm considering trading it in on something that's quite street capable but still can allow me to venture off on some easier gravel roads. Enter the KTM 390 Adventure or the Honda CB500x. Frankly the 390 offers WAY more for the buck and it weighs substantially less. There's even a youtube showing the 390 pulling away from the CB500x in several gears on the highway. I was shocked to see it. The only thing that has me even looking at the CB is the reliability factor although I have not had one second of trouble with my 690 Enduro. At 73 the weight of the bike is becoming much more important. Which one would you choose! Great review btw!

  3. thank you, Codger. this review persuaded me to try on the 390 Adventure, and it fit near perfectly. i bought one a month ago, and i already have 1,200 miles on her. it seems to be a stock jeep wrangler, or subaru crosstrek of a bike, which is just right for me, a fellow codger of 69. there is just a bit of a hooligan left in me, and the 390 handles that well, too.

  4. I've been looking for a lighter adventure bike myself. I just can't see myself riding one of these 500+ lb bikes on a trail. If I were going to do pure road with maybe some light dirt road I would consider the Kawasaki Versys X-300 due to it being a twin. However, I want the option to do something off-road a little more serious than logging roads. The KTM 390 Adventure seems much more suited for that. If you want to see a seriously good review about the 390 Adventure and its capabilities off-road, then check out the review from Australian channel MAD (Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike) TV. He does a fantastic job showing how capable the bike is. See the link below.

  5. Just ordered one from Ian at Colwyn Bay Motorcycles, I didn't know about the TFT issue, is the quick-shifter standard or an option? can't seem to find any info on it regards to price.I've ordered the bigger screen of the 790 though Straight fit, as I thought the little one would be an issue.Can't wait for delivery.Geoff

  6. Really good review – thank you… 🙂 Torn between this 390 Adventure the CB500X and the BMW 310GS – would need to take a passenger with luggage too – so the 310GS might not be enough. Plus with rumours of a 490 Adventure maybe I should wait….

  7. Very good review. I was looking for a review from a 790 owner to get the sense of the difference between these two. I have the 790 R and we are planning to get this for my son. I think we will go ahead based on you positive views.

  8. There is meant to be a 490 Adventure coming, with a parallel twin engine. That could be the best of both worlds!

    Loved the review, though. Best one about this bike on here if you ask me!

  9. Another great vid 👍

    I may have found a free nav app for the KTM.
    It's called turn-by-turn navigation for KTM motorcycles.
    First impressions are good and the reviews claim to be better than KTM's own app.
    The app acts as a means to blue tooth Google maps to the turn by turn screen. So hopefully it will update your journey automatically instead of having to stop and load the new route.

  10. Great review Codger. I think that the crappy crappy weather actually helped add something to it. Not great for you I know, but it reminds you to think about weather protection etc. Nice work 👍🏼




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