Kestrel 5700 Elite Intense Climate & Battery Existence Screening

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As part of my pending review on the freshly unveiled Leica 2800.COM LRF, I determined to run an further endurance exam on my Kestrel 5700 Elite ballistic meter.

The check included a number of times of publicity to solitary-digit temps and major winds, then progressed to leaving the Kestrel driven on for 38 hours while it was exposed to two snow storms and much more freezing temps. I still left the Bluetooth connection on, and periodically checked for connectivity, alternating involving hooking up with the Leica 2800, and observing conditions via the Url App on my iPad.

A few decades of expertise had currently proven to me the Kestrel’s extraordinary battery everyday living this examination confirmed me what was achievable beneath extreme conditions.



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  1. I would like to see a comparative test of the same time length with the same devices with the same battery brand in a "Spring or Summer" temperature range. I would think that the freezing temperatures would primarily affect the battery performance more so than it would affect the performance of the battery in any electronics devices low temperature power consumption.

  2. Sam I really appreciate all the info. I noticed you were up to your waist in snow and my being from the southwest, I have to ask how did you walk out there. I didn't see any tracks. I know dumb question but it blew my mind seeing you that deep in snow. Just crazy! Thanks and keep the fantastic info coming.

  3. Amazing videos, thanks for your work. Short question: I validated my trajectory at 10'000ft above sea level. Perfectly matched out to 1000 yards. Now I go hunting at 650ft above sea level. So different pressure, different temperature and humidity. Do I have to validate again or does the Kestrel account for that accurately?

  4. I would suggest however that changing the battery once a year is a good idea because if the battery leaks it's going to deposit a sulfate on the battery compartment leads. (The way to clean it off is with vinegar and a Q-Tip)

  5. I've really enjoyed my Kestrel and I actually ran into one of their engineers at my range who showed me all about the Kestrel and a couple others things. I live close to the PA location where they make or develop those devices. We also talked reloading and shooting some. Anyway, I really like mine and if it died for some reason I'd not hesitate to get another.

  6. Hey good stuff man. I've noticed the same thing with my battery percentages in the extreme cold (-15f and colder) but as soon as its warmed up it's good to go. Just shove it in my armpit for a bit and I'm off to the races.

  7. Seriously Sam, I really appreciate your videos. I’ve had the same great experiences you are finding with the Kestrel and battery life. One thing I do, and it may not be necessary, I take the batteries out of all my electronics after I’ve been in horrible weather conditions for extended periods of time , just as a precautionary step even though I haven’t had any problems out of the lithium batteries. Thanks again!!

  8. I've been having trouble with mine…My batteries are getting drained quickly…I have this exact model. Just like you said brand new battery and it shows 32% battery available…Thanks for the info

  9. Hey Sam, great test! I’ve been running a basic Kestrel 3000 for use on the farm in spray applications. I bought it back in 2011 and throughout the summer I use it almost daily. Im still running the original battery! It will only be on for a minute or so but still amazingly efficient!

  10. Most good microprocessor controlled instruments will go into power save mode when the unit controls have not been touched

  11. Sam, sure do appreciate you taking the time to do these videos. Just wanted to say thanks, hope things are going well up there, we have a wee bit less snow than you here down in Poky.



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