it’s happening AGAIN…

it's happening AGAIN... 7

In this weather forecast, we are breaking down a NEW storm that will bring severe weather in an area that hasn’t seen severe storms in a while, and a huge heatwave to the United States over the next few days. This will impact states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Midwest, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Arkansas. The transition from La Nina to El Nino is occurring. Large to very large hail, damaging winds, and a couple of tornadoes are possible. A strong tornado is possible, but unlikely. Find the latest details of the weather across the United States in our latest weather forecast.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Current Weather
1:44 – NEW Weather Pattern & Heatwave
3:43 – Severe Weather (WED & THU)



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  1. Just don't get me started, since when are areas this large under server threats, yeah sure bro, born in 1978. This is not cool. but we need you guys more than ever.

  2. I live in Farmersburg Indiana and I am worrying about a tornado. My boyfriend and I live at the top floor of an apartment building. I am not sure if we should find someone with a basement or not. I am having really bad storm anxiety ?

  3. this has been bothering me for so long; where can i find a map showing the different regions in the US? like, i can look up "ohio valley" or "upper mississippi valley" and find where it is, but i can't find a full US map depicting all regions. all i find are maps showing "midwest" "southeast" "northeast" etc. i want to find a map showing all the regions that are mentioned in weather forecasts but for the life of me i can't figure out the right thing to search and it's driving me nuts?

  4. Thanks for keeping both Americans, and those outside the US like myself informed about our continent's weather! Recent subscriber, but I've viewed you on and off for several years! Do stay safe Max.

  5. As of right now the smoke is horrible in Louisville. It’s hard for me to see the downtown buildings and while I was on the bridge this morning, heading to Indiana to try a different coffee shop for the first time, I couldn’t even see the water from the bridge!

  6. THANK YOU So Much Max. We Are In The High Risk Area For Tomorrow And If You Go Live We WILL Definitely Be Watching Too. THANKS Again Max. ☺

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