Is the weather conditions actually turning out to be far more intense? – R. Saravanan

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Examine the variations among weather conditions and climate – what they are, how we predict them, and what those predictions can tell us.

From 2016 to 2019, the planet noticed file-breaking heat waves, rampant wildfires, and the longest operate of category 5 tropical cyclones on document. The selection of severe temperature gatherings has been increasing for the previous 40 several years, and existing predictions suggest that trend will keep on. So, is the boost in excessive temperature because of to random prospect, or changing weather? R. Saravanan investigates.

Lesson by R. Saravanan, directed by Hype CG.

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  1. 25 years ago I talked with a botanist who lived on Thunder Bay. He told me about the change in flora he'd been monitoring over ten years and detailed them. I knew then it was real.

  2. Very good video and short enough for those that are doubtful of climate change. I just disagree with the hopeful ending. It only helps to keep us complacent. We are stealing our children’s futures, and needed immediate change yesterday.

  3. Cough The "record temperatures" are BS, because entries from the 19th and 20th centuries were 86'd for no valid reason. Death Valley recorded several days over 130 in the 1900s, up to 137°. These perfectly reliable records from government sources which were accepted as fact at the time have been retroactively removed because they did not fit the narrative.

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  5. Cleaning up the ocean is huge since that's where most oxygen is produced and water can absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Plastic cuts off the water, reducing the area for gas exchange

  6. Why am I not surprised that the gigantic storms and other disasters are caused by human beings and the way we interact with the world?!!! Anyone else not surprised?



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