IPCC finds weather adjust is fuelling severe climate activities

The United Nations IPCC report has located local weather improve is unequivocally remaining driven by human exercise and is fuelling intense temperature these as floods, fires, droughts and cyclones.

The UN secretary-common has termed the report a “code crimson for humanity” and argued it must sign the death knell for coal and fossil fuels all-around the globe.

The report also furnished forecasts for the impacts of weather alter in various areas.

It predicted greater droughts in southern Australia, a lot more excessive rain in japanese Australia, warmer temperatures and flooding in central Australia and amplified rainfall in northern Australia.


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  1. These elitist are causing the change they are saying carbon dioxide is a killer…stop cutting down masses of trees for the real killer batteries to run solar! Also I guess carbon is bad because it's freaking plant food so gotta kill the plants animals and humans it's nonsense and pure evil w never any true data and when any real data comes they suppress it no debate! If anyone needs to be in a indoctrination camp it's these puppet string holders! They are true murderers of the body mind but never the soul…they can't figure how to take that…they will give it a go w transhumanism! WHACKJOBS!

  2. 1 volcano causes More co2 than 20 years of car use.
    3 going off at any 1 time
    15 unde the sea
    The bastards are reducing the west's capability and improving the East.
    India Pakistan China all producing more coal fired power stations.
    All have vastly growing economies.
    Will they take any notice of the UN
    NO NO NO NO.

  3. Ten or so years ago….the polar caps are melting and in a few years all shore front mansions will be undermined…
    For sale signs everywhere, properties snatched up be developers and elite.
    Those properties are STILL THERE !!!!

  4. Meanwhile, the Sun will cool and a mini ice age will take over the earth. And everyone knew that these anti-scientists had nothing to do with it. In fact, these environmentalists could not control the Sun.

  5. I seem to recall about a decade or two ago that NYC would be under water at this time due to rising sea levels. Last I checked, it still remains flood free. Smart people know that the planet is alive and "climate change" is a constant and ever changing thing. On a clear day, look up at that very bright ball of light. That my friends is what warms the planet. What does the planet do that creates seasons, well it tilts, and the tilt changes how much earth is exposed to the sun and the orbit around the sun changes where the tilt is in relation to the sun. Now, picture this, the tilt changes ever so slightly. Guess what happens…CLIMATE CHANGES!! Back when the earth quake struck and created the Tsunami that hit Japan, it also changed the tilt of the earth a fraction. Science baby, plane and simple. This is NOTHING compared to what will happen when the earths magnetic poles shift, and shift they will, and more than likely sooner than we think.

  6. Climate change is a total hoax, an excuse for the Elites to plunge all commoners into poverty. They have been dreaming of total control of humanity for decades.

  7. omg….scare the shit out of people…..wonder why people are killing themselves…well I guess they need that for their green new deal…hopefully we don't have all sheep here!

  8. Glad nobody listens to the Marxist-Socialists at the UN. Why did it take specifically "8 years" to generate this report? Here is my philosophy : "☁️?️WEATHER HAPPENS"?️☁️
    This is the signal for the beginning of the "Great Reset". The demons at the UN are here only to do Satan's bidding. Klaus Schawb is the Wizard behind the curtain who sees the World as his playground and seeks to build a one-state super megalopolis under his control, whose stated goals are: a three-point plan in response to the COVID-19 crisis; response, recovery and reset. For the near term it involves response. In the medium term this involves "rebuilding economic and social activity in a manner that protects public health, promotes societal healing and preserves the environment." The reset is for systems over the long term of establishing through our "collective imagination" a great reset; a "new equilibrium among political, economic, social and environmental systems toward common goals. One question Klaus, old fellow, who put you in charge of this unholy project?

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