Intense weather – preparing your Circulation Hive

Today’s livestream highlighted Cedar conversing about getting ready your hive for severe weather and answering much more climate-connected questions. He also checked on the 2nd tremendous that was added last week, and answered loads of super issues. He harvested some honey, talked about pest command answered extra common beekeeping issues. Cedar also warned about scams that are focusing on our YouTube channel and applying the Movement Hive emblem.

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00:00 – Examining the tremendous
00:49 – Making ready the hive for storms
04:52 – Harvesting Honey
08:40 – Encouraging bees into the super
11:09 – Ventilation in the hive
16:28 – Fakes and advert-scams
20:41 – Painting the edges and inside of the hive
23:24 – Receiving bees in the tremendous
27:45 – How much honey can you harvest?
32:10 – Do you will need to replace the queen?
35:20 – Do you need to filter the honey?
37:14 – Compact hive beetles
42:05 – How to get bees
44:11 – Insulating hives in chilly weather
50:59 – Security gear
53:45 – What do bees do through winter?
57:01 – Does Move operate with Manuka honey?


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