Intense Warned Supercell Thunderstorm Hits Villisca, IA – 3/19/2020

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Massive wall cloud, hefty hail, Lightning, wall cloud time lapse from a serious supercell thunderstorm in Villisca, Iowa

All footage shot in/in the vicinity of Villisca, Iowa in the course of night daylight and darkness on March 19, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-6. numerous photographs of a significant wall cloud close to Villisca, IA

7. TIMELAPSE of wall cloud exhibiting some rotation around Villisca, IA

8-10. hail and hefty rain slide in Villisca, IA from severe supercell storm

11-13. a variety of pictures of ominous severe storm cloud base

14. POV driving shot with massive hail and weighty rain slipping

15-19. numerous lightning pictures with significant rain slipping


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  1. I did see that storm on Radar as I was looking at The Weather Channel app, and the Storm did look to have a very weak, and brief rotation on it. Glad it didn’t drop a tornado.



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