Intense temperature, weather transform, and the “National Academies of Sciences.”

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Vox Terra, episode 56: extreme weather conditions, local climate alter, and the “National Academies of Sciences.” Vox Terra cites from, the Nationwide Academies of Sciences, to enable you link the dots from severe weather to fossil gas driven weather change. Just putting up article content about the ensuing climatic chaos achieves tiny with out connecting the dots. Share this online video with your severe weather conditions posts. Hotter world is driving: floods, large rainfall, storm surge, drought, more powerful hurricanes and wildfires. Citation: Countrywide Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Drugs/ Based mostly On Science/Responses to Each day Science and Wellness Inquiries from the Countrywide Academies, “Global warming is earning some excessive weather activities even worse.”

“…As Earth’s climate has warmed, a new sample of a lot more repeated and much more powerful climate events has unfolded around the world….Worldwide warming can lead to the intensity of warmth waves by expanding the probabilities of incredibly very hot days and nights… Warming air also boosts evaporation, which can worsen drought… Extra drought makes dry fields and forests that are susceptible to catching fireplace, and increasing temperatures indicate a longer wildfire season…. Global warming also will increase water vapor in the environment, which can direct to additional regular significant rain and snowstorms…A hotter and a lot more moist ambiance around the oceans tends to make it probable that the strongest hurricanes will be much more intense, make much more rainfall, and possibly be larger. In addition, world-wide warming causes sea degree to increase, which will increase the sum of seawater, together with far more rainfall, that is pushed on to shore throughout coastal storms. That seawater, along with additional rainfall, can result in damaging flooding….”


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  1. By the year 2,000 , "100-year-events" were occurring twice a century , by the year 2015 "100-year-events" were occurring twice a decade, a tenfold increase in extreme weather over fifteen years ( Christidis et al ) " the climate is an angry beast, and we are poking it with sticks " Wallace Broecker

  2. Comments appreciated. If you are caught up in industry denial, keep comments mannerly and respectful, anyone can trade insults. Thank you.

  3. Through excessive use of fossil fuels and petrochemicals, we dump billions of tons of carbon, methane and other heat trapping gases into the air each year. Look at the NASA website. Heat up, ice down. Because the polls have heated up more than the rest of the planet the Jet Stream is getting wobbly and sluggish, weather patterns are becoming erratic and can linger. The hotter air retains moisture, warmer oceans give up more: floods, drought, wildfire, insect – tick and mosquito – born diseases spreading to new areas. Even if one doesn't "believe" unchecked fossil fuel burning is causing Climate Change, auto exhaust is toxic to breath in, oil and coal refining produces volumes of toxic wastes. Here is a NASA link:
    Petrochemical, fossil fuel and related industries are among the wealthiest on the planet. The media under reports climate change, in part because of the power of the advertisers. Don’t get fooled by the latest disinformation put out by the reckless elements of the fossil/fuel petrochemical industry. They will make one claim after another, basically amounting to: “nothing to see here” or if there is “something to see” then “it’s caused by anything but dumping tons of fossil fuels into the air.” Here is a link to the Guardian News:
    Because our education system is so padded with fluff, many of us never learn that a planet’s temperature is determined not just by proximity to the sun but also it's atmospheric composition. Factor one is out of our control, but our altering our planet’s atmospheric composition, pumping it full of green house gases and carcinogens, that is under our control. It’s not just a “what can you and I do” it’s public policy. Vote candidates with good environmental policy. Vote on the environment. – Vox Terra




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