Intense temperature is transforming Canadians&#39 sights on the local climate disaster

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Community impression investigation has uncovered that 50 percent of Canadians now take into account weather improve a “very serious” risk, the maximum total since 2014.

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Information on the triggers and impacts of climate modify, and the solutions that will determine our collective well-remaining and shared long run.

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  1. I'll change my views when I see world leaders and everyone else who have made 'climate change' their entire identity stop flying around the world in private jets and buying up billions of dollars worth of beachfront property every year.

    Climate changes. It's insane to think we need to stop it from changing; that's not how climate works. Climate change is caused by solar activity and geology, not human intervention. I'll take it seriously when they take it seriously. When climate is ending the world every 10 years for the last 100 years, at some point, people wake up. Remember global warming? Remember global cooling before that?

    If anyone was actually worried about climate, they'd build nuclear power like no tomorrow (because they are saying there's no tomorrow) but they aren't. They're buying homes and flying jets and raising taxes on the poor, who need cheap 'dirty' energy to survive. We wouldn't be pushing electric vehicles so hard because it's clear how much sheer non-reversible environmental damage is done just to extract the rare earth metals needed for a single battery. We'd inform people that EVs don't produce energy, they merely store it, and that EVs are still charged with dirty energy anyway. We've all seen the EVs being charged by a gas generator being towed by a gas truck.

    All this is nonsense. Stop with the propaganda, deal in facts. None of these people who claim to care about climate change actually do, their actions speak for themselves. It's just an easy way to get more votes, and an easy way to trick people into accepting higher taxes and bigger government. Look at the inflation we have now. Look at the cost of living. Do you all really want to go farther in this direction? Give government more power over the economy and energy sectors?

  2. how about we are in the thick of a solar cycle that is on repeat mode plus a weakened magnetic situation which is changing it all and beyond our control…as a side note we have less co2 in our atmosphere than ever in our earth climate history and it is not co2 but the sun baby



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