intense temperature all-around the earth september 3.2020

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extraordinary weather all-around the entire world september 3.2020

00.00 RUSSIA – Typhoon Maysak arrives southwest Russia, SEPT 3
04:59 SOUTH KOREA – Typhoon Maysak impacts South Korea Sept 3
08:02 HONDURAS – Rains in Roatan ,Tropical Storm Nana, august 2
08:55 saudi arabia flash floods , mecca rains , sept3
12:48 MEXICO – strong hurricane winds , Monterrey, Nuevo Le?n, Sept 3
14:21 AFRICA – Severe flooding hit Sudan, Sept 3
15:58 algeria flash floods sept 3
16:28 tunisia floods , sept 3


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  1. the scientist have lasers to bring lightning, are they using them OUTSIDE the Labs..
    if so, we should have a say, this weather , could it be partly if not all Man Made?
    what the heck…. no no no



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