Intense Climate Shelter and Scoop Stove

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To me, extraordinary climate can be several issues. Wind in the form of socking the cold proper via you or snapping off branches and them slipping on you. rain can defeat down your tarp or tent and even clean the ground out from less than you in extreme conditions.This is the shelter I use in those circumstances to get a superior evenings sleep. It bought kinda dim when I attempted to present the scoop stove at the finish. I may perhaps have to show far more of it in an additional movie.


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  1. Im still getting comments regarding why didn't you do this, why did you do this or that, why carry rope, why not a hammock, why not a tent. Read the title, this is for extreme weather. The idea behind this and especially the rope barrier is an attempt to stop falling branches and debris when in a wooded area. Also very handy for if mild flooding hits your campsite overnight. If you don't like my methods of doing things then just don't do what I do. EDITED 2019 = I guess Ive gotten at least 300 comments on this being a bear burrito. Whats folks don't understand or even comprehend is you are no safer from bears in a hammock or a tent. Gee, will the fabric of a hammock magically protect you?

  2. if you tie your rope on the 2 base posts as in over 1 and pass under the other it would create a double support where it crosses making it more comfortable.
    next you worry about falling branches…. at that height id rather worry about predators that would reach you faster than you can exit a run for safety. otherwise i did like your setup.

  3. Enjoyed the video man great suspended platform! Already figuring out how to make it big enough for wife and me but did have one question…area under your cool fire wasn’t cleared and looked like that debris was very flammable … so if it got spilled you’re gonna have a conflagration?!?

  4. Pretty neat. Thanks for taking the time to show us. As far as I can see, the only drawback is the time it would take you to put the shelter up in a downpour. I like the rope protection. You could set up the same thing over a tarp shelter or tent on the ground.

  5. CoronaVirus: Socal girl here sheltering indoors bored to death. I’m actually watching this. Highly unlikely I’d pull any of this stuff off but possible I’ll retain something live sustaining. I don’t like bugs, furry things, bears, and spiders. I know, doomed.

  6. Interesting video. Part of the time I wondered if you were drunk. ???? There's definitely some ideas to glean from the video though. I'm sure you have learned things since this video to perfect your art. Thanks for sharing!



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