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Intense Weather conditions: Substantial Great Down, Multiple Tropical Cyclones, And Extra! – Immediate Climate Channel

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  2. The weather this week causing floods, storms, and tornadoes with over 300 mph winds. Multiple vortexes forming in Del City, Midwest City, OKC, Moore, Norman, Mustang, and El Reno. Massive casualties deaths and powered outages affecting over 100 Million people now!!!

  3. The weather is going viral now with over 300 mph winds to 350-450 mph. Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide / Potash. Acid rains are associated with climate change Nationwide and Worldwide. Also these chemicals we have been using in our World environment causing water tables, drinking water, and well water. Well, water in Oklahoma had tiny parasitic worms with teeth that were in the drinking well water. If they are inside people's stomachs hatching eggs then they will eat people's organs, stomach and tissue, nerves, and blood vessels and n in the graves they are now in. Millions of victims in the USA now have cancer in every part of their bodies. Heart attacks, strokes, and brain amoebas attack 1/3 of Americans affecting cats, dogs, wildlife, and fish in our environment beaching themselves. Volcanoes and earthquakes magma are contaminated with these forever chemicals causing explosive, flammable, and acidic pyroclastic flows even at Yellowstone and Long Valley Caldera. Also Honga Tonga, Kilauea, Mauna Loa, Krakatoa, and Sakurajima. Tsunamis 125-150 ft tall now covering East, West South coastlines of USA. Even fish are contaminated with radiation now in Magma Worldwide. This is causing a Worldwide meltdown. Putin has already rigged Nuclear Power plants in Ukraine to blow now!!! This is all according to the book of Revelations according to the word of God. We are in the Abomination of Desolation. They stole 7 Trillion Dollars from New York Stock Exchange. Monies went from Wall Street to Deutsche Bank in Germany now at Vatican Bank ready for 666 AntiChrist Empire, Darth Vader using the dark side.

  4. It's odd, but living on the Arkansas/Oklahoma border, storms seem to find Fort Smith, Arkansas a good pivot point. The "cool" north wind peters out this far south, yet the hottest humid air stays closer to The Gulf, so the heat isn't that "shoot me and put me out of my misery" sticky kind.

    We'll get stormy weather out of these next ten days, but not as much as other areas relatively close by. Where 10-12" is expected north and south of me, my area just a few miles south of Fort Smith, will likely get less than 5" total, spread over about 4 different storms.

    It's fascinating to see micro weather in action. If you watch, you start seeing patterns of wind and rain as they are effected by the changing terrain and elevations. The mountains themselves will "steer" storms, and sometimes cause them to release their moisture prematurely. They also tend to "break" straight line winds reducing their impact. Best of all, on those occasions where the atmosphere is too moisture dense to shift around and avoid "gully washers", the mountains don't flood.

    Love my mountains!!! 😎👍



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