Intense Climate + Emergency at hectic Philadelphia | Radar Scope

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View edited movie for JIA5543 emergency:


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  1. Gotta love The Standard American Woman Jane Doe Voice … they all sound the same 😀 – Maybe avaiation needs to upgrade audio hardware higher than … what, … 11khz? 😛

  2. Your radar simulation has greatly improved since a year ago or so. It'd be cool to see another one of those Atlanta final approach videos you did a while ago! (maybe once things get busier again.)

  3. Interesting timing to post this when Philly had 2 weather events on Wednesday… a derecho in the morning/afternoon… and a thunderstorm that prompted a tornado warning in the evening

  4. Are there any websites that will provide both audio and video like this in real time? Or do we have to do it manually by listening to ATC and watching ADSB?

  5. I reside 63 miles to the west of KPHL, we had moderate storm damage from that derecho, also. The worst of the damage seems to have been between KMQS and KPHL. We could literally see/feel the "waves" of storm activity as they 'piled on to each other'.

  6. Scary thing about this is as I'm watching this we just had a weather alert issued for part of Atlanta I live less than 20 minutes from Hartsfield international and we are currently getting pounded by rain with an embedded thunderstorm on the way., talk about strange timing.




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