Insulated Tent Camping in Torrential Down Pour (Extreme Weather)

Took the insulated tent and wood stove out of storage for a night of camping. Unexpected severe weather certainly made things interesting but we made it work 🙂

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  1. Hats off to you! Try again with a tarp suspended one feet above the tent. That's not what you might want but well, I've never known any tent that withstands heavy rainfall in the long run. And a tarp might also help if some branch falls on the tent. Btw the channel "fun in the woods" or.. "monkey.. sth.. (i'll look it up) " is great for homemade solutions. Great upload. Thx!

  2. I cannot get over how you guys say pasta up there. I lived in Vancouver for a couple years and I don’t remember anyone saying pasta like that.

  3. Too bad you got rained out. Joelle is a gem. Chops limbs, makes great dinner and puts up with inclement weather. Don’t let her go. Happy Holidays to you both.

  4. nice doggie-what kind is he-what his name/get a cheap tarp an throw over tent/yea sleep good in the nature/for intertainment sing/thanks much

  5. Bummer! Unexpected rain sure can rule things? Hope your tent can be Waterproofed? I have an Otter: never set it up in the rain… Your dog hit of the video? B Deacon Manitoba Canada ??

  6. Good stuff… but are you intentionally saying “Pahsta” lol. And what happened with that tent? Is it supposed to have a rain tarp or something? That is weird? What tent is not waste proof?

  7. Before camping, you can actually test a tent if it is “rainproof” or not using a garden hose.
    But that chimney hole is all beaten up, water would have seeped-in through that anyway.

  8. Hi Guys, nice setup! I always thought about doing that, using an ice fishing hut. Sucks about the rain. It reinforces my preference to always pitch a tarp over a tent and not depend on the rating of the tent. That rule has kept me dry in many a camping trip. Great that you had your backup! The food looked delish!

  9. Always bring extra Tarp and double layer the roof. But boy now that’s what I call Camp Cooking, that looked amazing, just came across your channel, good stuff

  10. Somebody help this slob shave, take a bath and wash some of the dirt off. Trimming some of that wool hanging down on his neck wouldn't hurt either.

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