Indonesia weather disaster: Serious weather hurts crops

Indonesia is facing simultaneous excessive temperature activities.
Its southern areas have endured a extended drought, when the money – house to nearly 10 million individuals – is bracing for intense flooding.
With more than 400,000 Indonesians infected with COVID-19, there are rising worries the extreme climate could escalate the overall health crisis.

Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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  1. hi, this is very important news, by the way I permission to use this topic along with the text for my school project, because the news is very important, thank you???

  2. Thank you Al Jazeera for reporting this uncovered crisis. As Indonesian, we still don't get enough information about the climate crisis through Indonesia mass media. It's because most of their headlines are about politics and economic aspects.

  3. Multiple big problems from goverment's new law, extreme weather, till ongoing covid cases hits our country hard. Just wanna say stay safe everyone

  4. I think its La Nina effect. I'm in Java get a rain earlier than 2019, but same with 2017. Since mid-October until now, almost half of days is cloudy and gloomy.

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