Indonesia reels beneath the impact of local climate improve and increased serious temperature functions | DW Information

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Indonesia says it really is dedicated to weather targets – as it sends delegates to the UN Local weather Transform Convention this weekend. Meanwhile – men and women on the ground are by now facing the grave implications of intense weather conditions.
Globally, Indonesia is one particular of the largest producers and exporters. And it’s the 8th biggest carbon emitter on the world. Indonesia is now targeting to be carbon neutral by 2060 and end setting up coal-fired plants in a handful of several years. But irrespective of that pledge: a facility in the metropolis of Chilegone is going through a huge growth. And individuals residing in the place – panic the plant will further more worsen h2o and air pollution.


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  2. We need to be more proactive in preparing for climate change. Considering the preciousness of nature and the fear of nature behind its beauty, it seems that the whole world should be more actively involved in nature conservation.

  3. The govt are so corrupted
    They are two faced. Talking about commitments for the climate change, while encouraging investment which resulted in more massive deforesting all over the islands

  4. Sering kegerahan (sinar matahari terlalu memancar melebihi aturannya, dimana kulit bumi (ozon) menipis karena bangunan kaca, asap pabrik, asap kendaraan…, panas berlebih bisa merusak hutan (membakarnya), dan merusak manusia dari sisi kulit dan kepala (sakit kepala), Volume air laut naik, banyak terkikis bibir pantai.. Daratan / pulau banyak yang tenggelam secara pelan karena suhu panas di wilayah es bumi ( Antartika dll) membuat cair es. Tumbuhan banyak kering karena penenerimaan cahaya matahari sebagai sumber untuk tumbuh, melebihi batas kewajarannya karena tipisnya ozon, sehingga cahaya matahari agak lebih banyak masuk ke bumi. Meteor dengan mudah masuk ke bumi (turun kedarat) jika ozon bumi tipis. Padahal Tuhan sudah mengatur berapa ketebalan ozon bumi, berapa ketebalan volume es di Antartika pada saat awal penciptaannya. Teknologi ataupun industri tidak ada yang baik,semua merusak. Salam berfikir sehat.

  5. The World Research Institute (WRI) noted that more than half of the production of carbon emissions cause global climate change comes from China, USA, EU, India, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada. 😭

  6. Every years big plantation company and farmer will slash and burn thus creating haze and affected their neighbouring countries and this is one major problem of climate change created by their country and their people are suffering because of their government not seriously in tackling this issues and also deforestation in their country also the main problem. Their country will getting worse every year and peoples are suffering with every years of flood, drought, heatwave, volcanic eruption and maybe one day earthquake.

  7. The main problem of this country are corruption, overpopulation, and poverty. Birth control program in the Suharto's era was failed. Corruption is getting worse though the government has been fighting it harshly for decades. Poverty also bounce back due to the covid. The future of our country is really dark. I think the situation will be getting worse when president jokowi and his administrations leave the office in 2024.

  8. Western Countries are the #1 polluters both by per capita carbon emissions and total carbon emissions. Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world but is #8 in total emissions. I don't see why we owe anyone anything.

    Rich, western, white people finger wagging and claiming moral superiority, being hypocritical as usual. The west has industrialized a long time ago so now it wants to do a rug pull on developing nations. Shameful!

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  10. Where is the climate protesting
    It’s not climate change. Older-trees has been killed and heavily rain ☔️and nothing to protect the Soils ground ☔️ 🌧

  11. What happen if under the earth ground the Cruel Oil is like the Car engine oil absorbing the heat from the Sun ray heat, have over dig over consumed, end result short of cruel oil under the ground absorbing the Sun Ray heat ?

  12. The Climate Waits for No One
    Thirty years ago, a friend of mine got into the green energy business and tried to pull me into it. I asked him what for, it isn’t serious. He said, “You have no idea how much money is being poured into it. Everyone wants in on it, politicians, financiers, businesspeople, the lot.” He was right, of course. Yet, no one wants to promote green energy in order to save the planet, but only to swell up their pockets even more. The declarations, therefore, remain in the assembly hall where they are stated, necessary actions are ignored, and the climate waits for no one: It will keep deteriorating.
    This week in Glasgow, Scotland, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference is taking place. Officially, it aims to “bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.” In reality, the countries plan to do the exact opposite. This year’s UN Production Gap Report, which tracks the discrepancy between governments’ planned fossil fuel production and actual global production levels, states the following: “Despite increased climate ambitions and net-zero commitments, governments still plan to produce more than double the amount of fossil fuels in 2030 than what would be consistent with limiting global warming to 1.5°C [2.7°F].”
    Energy sources and technologies do change, but not according to what is best for the planet. It changes according to the interests of politicians and money moguls, and it never benefits the planet or the majority of its inhabitants, namely all of us.
    Since the climate waits for no one, eventually, it will catch up with us. Earth is a closed system, and in a closed system, there are consequences to exploitation: it hurts the abuser as well as the abused.
    I don’t know when or at what cost, but eventually, we will all have to realize that we cannot take beyond what we need. We cannot keep exploiting Earth selfishly and thoughtlessly because it will turn against us.
    Earth is like a submarine: there is only so much oxygen on board. If some crew members take more than their quota, the rest will not have enough, they will die, and the submarine will sink along with those who exceeded their quota.
    We need constant reminders that we are one system, and we are all dependent on each other. We need to genuinely grasp that selfishness hurts us just as being exploitative hurts others. If we constantly remind ourselves that we are interdependent, we will behave with more consideration, and we will avoid the punitive impact of climate change.
    The other option is to keep working as the UN’s Production Gap Report states that we are planning to work, and suffer nature’s unforgiving response. I hope we wise up in time because everyone will pay the price for this mistake.

  13. The country is 416% smaller than the US but only has 60 million less people is the problem.
    when they cut down all their rainforests it will rain less.

  14. Last year I spent 2 months in Indonesia, what I am about to say is cold, but the truth. It is very rare for me to come across a country with such beautiful and pristine forests, and that is where the problem is. Massive trees with trunks of 3 meter diameter and more are being cut down at a ridiculous rate for export to China, USA and Europe. Add to that the tourism industry selling carvings locally and internationally. More trees are cut with the growing demand for higher population growth needing wood to build. It is absolutely the fault of the government for not caring about the environment and more about the bribes they can earn. The deaths of any single human being caused by nature is on the heads of the Indonesian government.

  15. this isn't climate change.

    Even without deforestation, landslides regularly occur every year during the rainy season in Indonesia, its just they don't always fall on a village.

    Liberal media never lets a crisis go to waste as they say.

  16. So if there wasn’t any humans removing the forest this wouldn’t be an issue. Seams to me that the only answer or solution for the worlds climate change issues is for massive depopulation

  17. So is it deforestation or is it climate change? The media continues to be completely irresponsible by blaming every natural disaster or weather event on climate change, constantly building a false narrative to push their own agenda. There is ample concrete evidence of climate change. Embellishing it with falsehoods and treating wild speculation as fact only makes you less and less credible. I'm surprised you haven't claimed that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by climate change.

  18. And there're so many countries still want to increase their population. We are destroying earth and nature's balance due to our incessant need and overpopulation and greedy exploitation. We need to face the music sooner or later and the time is already here.

  19. Welcome to my country

    Oh we're really faces a big threat not only from the weather it self but also from corporation and uncertainty in the name of environmental Justice/laws making let alone how we implies those laws,which is these law not often being written by people who's highly connected or under influence of industrial powers.
    Once again.
    Welcome to Indonesia

  20. Well, yeah—this is what happens when you cut down all the forests on the planet and replace them with house and roadsand cars and people etc. etc etc

  21. Please do not support indonesia to tackle its GHG emission with debt funds (loans) as this would create more poverty and at the end, natural resources will need to be more exploited to pay back the loans and GHG emissions will get worse..

  22. People who are saying “we are causing climate change,” it’s obviously not true. The climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. I think people saying “we are causing climate change” makes a perfect excuse for our governments to raise taxes, millions, and millions people will be losing their jobs, and end up being homeless, and severely limiting our rights, and freedoms.



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