IKFPD 2013 – Selfie

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IKFPD 2013 - Selfie

Shot for International Kodak Film Photography Day 2013

To honor 127 (12th of July) day and George Eastman’s birthday I shot with a 1934 Baby Brownie. I was traveling that day and was able to shoot a three state spread with it. To my surprise every frame was nicely spaced and very nicely exposed. Apart from the light leaks ( I call it charm) I was incredibility pleased with the performance of this nearly 80 year old basic camera that cost $1.00 when new.

Film: Kodak Portra NC
film processed by The darkroom
I added the white border and date stamp to give it a true vintage look. Years ago labs returned your pictures looking like this.

Camera: Kodak Baby Brownie

Image By: Leslie Lazenby
12 Jul 2013
Rural Arlington, OH and a selfie of me and the Baby Brownie in the mirror.

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