Ida Floods New York: Demise Toll Rises to 41

New York Metropolis Mayor Invoice de Blasio unveiled a new solution Friday to handling severe weather that he says will “bluntly be a jolt to individuals” but a single he states is important to address significantly recurrent main flooding functions — as the scope of devastation from this most current 1 continues to extend.

His NYC Local climate-Driven Rain Response system includes a few main elements: more critical warnings, basement apartment evacuations and a 30-day extreme climate response process power to devise alternatives quickly and expedite implementation.

“We can say now that intense weather conditions has turn into the norm, we need to have to react to it in different ways. It is even distinctive than just a couple of several years ago,” de Blasio claimed. “We have acquired to accept it. New reality requires a new paradigm.”

“We are going to in certain concentration on a different warning, a substantially a lot more critical form of warning and a considerably much more severe set of actions, very actual physical steps, that bluntly will be a jolt to persons, a shock to individuals,” the mayor said of new mobile phone alerts. “But we have realized that we have to introduce these matters into the equation.”

At the very least 13 persons died in Brooklyn and Queens in Ida’s historic floodwaters and three much more bodies had been recovered in Westchester County. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy claimed Friday early morning his state’s death toll rose to 25 right away, with at least six folks nonetheless missing, bringing the toll in the two states to 41 people today.


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  1. This climate change is increasing… And we, all who live on the earth are in the same boat. It's high time to unite and become one Humanity! The details what is happening with the climate are in the international online conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone".

  2. The NY Politicians created this and then they go out and shake hands. Imagine if they actually improved infrastructure with an infrastructure bill.

  3. @ 3:12 New York is going to have to recognize some change has arrived . That whole block shown is not safe for habitation. It's going to slide off that hill without some serious civil engineering and lots of forethought in what to do with water moving around on a semi-porous island, on limestone I believe.



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