I Went Tenting In the course of a 22″ Snowstorm in April – Serious Weather Camping

We received a massive snowstorm in close proximity to Steamboat Springs on April 12th, so I determined to go camping.

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I Camped Right away on the Edge of a Cliff – SOLO DESERT Tenting

SOLO SNOW STORM Camping at 10,000 ft

SOLO Wintertime Camping at 10,000 ft (DEEP SNOW)


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  1. Enjoyed your vid… I'm from the UK
    BTU on your heater stands for British Thermal Unit.. Measurements of heat.. that said I'm sure, it's the same where you are..all the best..

  2. Is this at rabbit ears pass? That’s where I see a majority of snow like this in northern Colorado. To also solve the solution of the fire pit in snow. Get a portable fire pit. They make super lightweight ones that I bring when backpacking. It’s also nice when doing dispersed camping so you’re not scorching the ground

  3. Ok I had to say it, I have a suggestion for your fire. Instead of laying your wood flat, stand it straight up, as tightly together as possible. Then take some wire & tie the wood together at bottom, middle, top. Take thin strips of kindling & stuff in between the top layers of wood, place ur grill on top & light. Never tried it myself, but I've seen it done.

  4. Who woulda thought fire would melt ski poles? First guy I've seen that mixed beer & cold while tent camping in the winter, interesting concept. Hope the concert went well and glad you didn't get eaten by a Bear.

  5. Wish l was with you how lovely l live in London but l am a Scottish lady we got snow ❄️ like this when l was little up home l miss it so much in Jan Feb l going tak my grandkids up hills of Scotland for fier festaful in the shetland so hope it relly snows all the best letitia

  6. Tue, 17 May 2022. 2116 Hrs/Cdt
    Dear Campers,
    Long Live Ukraine! Please donate money, clothing, and some of your camping equipment! My relatives and people of Ukraine will be eternally grateful.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. I JUST SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR CHANNEL on today May 17/ 2022 j really enjoyed watching your adventure in what I called ( The winter wonderland) camping in that deep, deep Snow, I think that may be the deepest Snow I’ve seen in a youtuber Winter Camping video , very interesting, now I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next in your great outdoor adventures, but in the meantime, thanks for sharing your adventure with us, gave a thumbs up for great camping adventure scenery was amazing also.

  8. Own an outdoor company in Steamboat? And can't afford a stove? I would NEVER leave home without one.
    I live in South Denver. So yeah, I have been known to go camping in the winter in the mountains.

  9. I'm surprised that jetboil worked so well, they don't usually work well at high altitudes when it is really cold out. What butane were you using?

  10. The Lantern I have used myself on a few endeavors. Granted it doesn't keep it super hot but given the temps you are fighting against and the fact that the air at the floor level will be much colder than the air at the tent roof level, A few degrees is a nice improvement. I would recommend trying again when you can and hanging the thermostat closer to the roof level of the tent if at all possible. That will give you a slightly better reading on actual temp and not temp being masked by the cold from the ground. Good call on the wool blankets as a temp barrier, that ground can suck the life heat right out of you. Something else that may help is a tarp with a Mylar reflector built in that you can put, folded in half, in between the Blankets with the reflective surface facing out when folded. That way the reflecting surface will reflect the cold back at the ground and your body heat back at you. Don't feel down about feeling down on a trip, that type of cold can suck the fun out of any camping experience, especially on your own with no company or animal companionship, haha. Great vid!

  11. I really like how you do things!? You didn't scrape all the snow and you don't have too. Simple fire to cook on and keep warm no unneeded walls etc. Very nice!?

  12. Finally a Realistic video, with a realistic person in it who says it like it is. No seeing everything with a rosy lens, and the thing about keeping your head straight when youre in a position like this was the realest thing ever. Keep going my friend.stay healthy and how was your kids concert? My best to you and your family.

  13. 12:07 Always fun to discover that one widow maker AFTER everything is set up 🙂
    Trees rarely fall down when you're looking, that's some anecdotal science for you (I'm still alive so it's accurate).

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