Hurricane Period 2020 Discussion #17- Tropics Could Nonetheless All over again Fire Up!!!

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  1. "Nothing BAD Happens to you If you follow the Rules of the Almighty Creator, He is the Best Protector". "Anything BAD happens to you is from your own wrong doings" and "Anything Good happens to you is from the Almighty Creator."

  2. Da weather dude this is ridiculous the hurricane season is getting worse and worse than they predicted now her we are watching it all happen in front of our eyes and we'll can't and never do nothing about it and not only the hurricane season getting worse but the coronavirus and what can we do pray and prepare for the worst 😷😨😰🙏.

  3. Is category 3 major if so this is what I feel like Josephine will be category 5 and hit Florida Kyle category 4 and hit Maryland and Omar category 3 and hit South Carolina but that’s just a guess and what I feel like is gonna happen most of the time when you feel like something is gonna happen



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