Hurricane Idalia, As It Happened…

Hurricane Idalia, As It Happened... 7

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  1. How is it possible for Hurricane Dora to effect Hawaii from 500- to as far as 700 miles from the eye when it passed Hawaii?? Your thoughts pls ? Very weird!

  2. I noticed he doesn't use WSV3/TempoQuest anymore the satellite visuals were so much cleaner on that program than radaromega.. but the combo of both was a better presentation/telestration for his channel and overall experience. WSV3 is making a new version that looks much more improved and gets data faster. I wonder what happened does anyone know? was it a sponsorship thing did something happen with wsv3?

  3. could use please start covering Hurricane tsunami whatever they're called whatever country but cover it worldwide can't be that big of a deal and it would be very informational

  4. Valdosta is regaining its power!
    We saw it all! The wind! The reversal of the wind! The Flooding! Hundreds of trees down! We have never seen anything like it! This was one hell of an experience!

  5. Amazing coverage. Is there anyway to view each video independently? I wish I had discovered you sooner, but now that I have I will be tuned in more.
    We own land in Keaton Beach and spotted one of your guys going as close to our place as you possible can. We have cameras set up on the property, but with internet down we can’t see anything. We live too far away to just pop down there. Seeing just the road leading up to our road was very reassuring. Thank you for what you do.

  6. Love you Ryan and Riley and Andy and Ya’ll force one just amazing and brave and kind people my Heart goes out to everyone in Florida your in my Heart And Prayers ??❤️❤️???????

  7. My question is are any of you guys going to go down to Florida to help in any way? If so please make a post beforehand and let others know how they can help as well. Please

  8. Worst 2 days of my life! We had no electricity and no running water. Well, the power is back on, thank God and Georgia Power for that. But, still no water!!

  9. Put something on the screen that shows the catagory, windspead and millibars. Itd be so cool if we could watch it change in real-time, but we don't know the millibars and windspeed or catagory unless we fly through it right? Wouldn't it be cool if we could put some sort of high speed weather balloon or something in the eye to constantly measure it.

  10. Hurricanes are strong natural monsters. Im a Miami resident since the date of my birth. I have witnessed and impacted by direct eye landfalls and brushes of various hurricanes or tropical storms like katrina, irma, wilma, nicole, and many others. florida in on average the most struck state of the country. even without global warming or climate change, tropical cyclones are indeed monstrous mother nature phenomenon. My prayers go to the victims family and friends in cedar key and elsewhere in idalia's path. hurricanes are no joke and it does not discriminate anyone of all sizes, ages, heights and backgrounds. I lost one of my 3rd cousins from irma. Please dont let your guard down.

  11. What I think is totally awesome, and the reason I feel everyone should be watching Ryan..he predicted this storm while it was still a little disturbance down in South America. Before even the National Weather Service bothered to mention it. Big Kudos to him!!!

  12. My best friend told me about Ryan and Andy at first I thought ok I will check it out another internet weather synopsis. A few weeks later I did check Ryan and Andy out when we had a Tornado outbreak in central and Ne Indiana in the region which I live.Ive got to say I was very impressed so now Ryan and Andy are my go to weather people,thank you for all you do. I am also an Amateur radio operator and was part of skywarn.

  13. W T F is ? Hurricane Franklin doing? Has been in almost the same place for days! Is 'it' waiting to see how much more we can tolerate before attacking the SE Coast?
    We can't control (OR CAN WE) the weather and the human soul can only take so much of a beat down by 'mother nature'.

  14. NE Florida checking in to say thank you for all of your dedication and hard work. You called that western wiggle possibility way early, and Idalia followed suit. Made it easier on us here, sorry it had to spill on others. 71 years old, native Florida, been thru a lot of them. Get some good rest. Aren’t there more brewing in the Atlantic and Pacific right now? Hot water everywhere, devils cauldron. Look forward to your forecasts in the future.

  15. It was awesome coverage. Thank you so much. Now help really need to see what's left of my home away from home. Trying to figure out a way to get down there and accommodations to help clean up.

  16. Cancelled Hulu to donate $10 to yall monthly instead. This is how we vote with our money. This is what I want my money doing actually helping others. Plus streaming services always cancel anything good anyway :p Great job Ryan. I hope others are inspired to continue to tune in and help others when they can.

  17. So Ryan, why did everyone say the storm surge was going to be off the charts? Some sources said as high as 14 feet, and it wasn't anywhere close to that, if we keep crying wolf, eventually everyone is going to ignore the warnings and more people are going to die needlessly.

  18. LOVE the word SHED…and a brown shack type shed with bits of wood held on by loose nails? Found your channel while watching Fox news on Idalia. Amazing set up. My mom was having a serious operation at same time as Idalia hit so it helped distract me from the worry. Very comforting voice you have. She came through. Would like to know what that wrapped baguette was that you flashed quick at screen looked very tasty. Ham ? Lol Thankyou it was very helpful and Im sure thousands benefited from your coverage. So glad most evacuated. This was crazy.And two in Atlantic, I did wonder if Franklin would push it round again.Sleep well. GOD BLESS

  19. I'm watching this after the fact I wanted to see y'alls footage from when it was hitting since I slept through it. I'm between Tampa and Orlando (in Lakeland) and we got nothing but some rain and wind. We get more in our afternoon storms. Anywho yes Ryan you said it. We were scared last year when Ian was supposed to hit Tampa head on. Then Ian had a ADHD moment and made a hard right so we got really lucky there and now with Idalia it moved away from the coast enough that it didn't hit us. We k ow how lucky we are.
    As for the people that were out swimming, welcome to Florida. ??‍♀️.

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