Hurricane Fiona Slams into Nova Scotia – September 24, 2022

A variety of clips of Fiona impacting areas all over Sydney, NS which include a storm chaser standing out in the components measuring an 85mph gust and trees/powerlines slipping down.

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  1. Mark I don't know if you have moderators in your livestreams but if you don't you should definitely have them because your livestreams are full of trolls. It's a turn off to see people be nasty and makes me not want to watch but to each their own.

  2. We Cape Bretoners are a tough lot! You can’t keep us down for long, we bounce right back up again! Thanks for all the love and prayers being sent our way from all the folks around the world!

  3. I wonder if all the black nova scotians escape 🤔 in time along with the natives save them first the whites destroyed their cultures

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