Hundreds of thousands of Texans with no power as inclement weather carries on

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JEA states it has strategies in location to respond need to this style of extraordinary weather occur in Jacksonville region.


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  1. The guy said he haven’t showered in three days well it’s the fourth day now i’m I’m pretty sure he still haven’t showered. They need to fix this

  2. Keep voting republican! Less taxes for updating our soviet era electrical grid ! Think about ! In WWll we could produce a plane an hour ! Boats aircraft carriers in monthly basis! Produced consumables in the bulk millions! Can’t even provide power to customers! Governor abbby and his croniesare the blame

  3. Just dont count the people without power then there will be no one without power problem fixed. Trumps way of doing things is the most successful way Republicans run their states so just ignore all the people dieing it works great . The cold weather will just disappear like a miracle and everything will be back to normal.

    For thumptard idiots this is sarcasm 👆



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