Huge Tropical Update, Nocturnal Tornadoes & Severe Weather conditions Coming!! – The WeatherMan Additionally

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Tropical storm Alex flood @bclemms
Critical weather conditions right now, tornadoes
Tropical Update 00:00
Intense climate currently 07:15
Severe weather coming 13:23
Specific concept 18:18
Tropical storm Alex flood @bclemms
Intense weather conditions these days, tornadoes
Tropical storm Alex flood @bclemms
Serious climate right now, tornadoes
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Significant Tropical Update, Nocturnal Tornadoes & Serious Weather Coming!! – The WeatherMan Plus


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  1. Good morning Mark. Your updates are so helpful to so many people . It gives them time to prepare for whatever is to come. Your love and concern for others in these turbulent times is like a breath of fresh air. God bless✝️

  2. Wish I would have watched this before Sunday night! Our local weather here in KC Metro didn’t mention a word about tornado potentials during the night. An EF2 dropped down less than 1/2 from my house around 1:30 AM, east of Kansas City, Missouri.

  3. Gotta say I was impressed, you called this whole storm so far out. Was funny to watch how long it took weather channel and others to pick this up. I live in Florida, thank you

  4. Hello Mark, we are moving this week…..driving from Montana to Tennessee….leaving tomorrow (Tuesday). Looking for your thoughts on what weather issues we can expect. Thank you and God bless.

  5. Hey there! Might you consider adding volcanic ash flow-direction of larger events, to your updates? I think that would be very interesting to see how volcanic ash, can/could influence weather elsewhere.

  6. Well here in Southern Idaho we're currently having severe thunder storm & wind speeds have been varying in some area's to the east of us are facing hail on top of the rain, wind, thunder storms

  7. Mark, your forecasting is spot on! I don't even look at other platforms predictions. The accuracy is amazing… thank you. You have no idea how much my wife and I appreciate you. God bless you big brother. Please keep it up. We need you. You are a blessing.

  8. Hi Mark!
    What a beautiful day here in south western New York! We have been blessed today. Prayers for the folks in Florida. Seeing the location video is so interesting. Thank you for all you do!



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