How To Get ready A Farm For A Twister | Significant Temperature

We exhibit you the actions we get to get ready our farm for tornadoes and intense temperature.

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  1. We moved our farm and family from the west coast to Kentucky in September…got to experience my first tornado warning in October and December…and a huge loss of life for our state. Our new farmhouse doesn’t have a basement, but we’re def looking into something more secure/safe!
    Preparing for inclement weather is a top priority for farmers!

  2. I live in Florida where we get hurricanes, wild fires, small tornadoes from the hurricanes and the winter storms.
    We used to get hail, but it has become rare. I just moved from the swamp to the hills in north Florida and I love it. I was done with the swamp!

  3. This is a subject I’ve been thinking about too lately. we’re looking at land and since we’re in tornado alley we’d prefer to have a basement. Thanks for giving your perspective and input on storm shelters

  4. Our local campground on the lake in rural Alonsa Manitoba got hit with an EF4 in 2018. A local man died. Boats and RVs ended up in the lake. One grandpa was in the basement of his cottage and the tornado took the house. He had a choice on who to grab to hold down. He held onto the two grandkids and their golden retriever got sucked up. They found her a few hours later soaking, fur full of bits and utterly exhausted. They figure she got carried out over the lake and swam back. A pick up got plastered upright against an oak tree for the axles bent right around the tree and the tires were touching. I could go on and on with how bizarre it was. They are rare but they do happen, even up here.

  5. I live on the Gulf of Mexico! I have lost my house twice. Battery operated Lanterns,
    Generators, Window AC, Water, and Gas. 4 days food for every person and animal.

  6. Tornados are definitely a real threat, we’re fortunate that the most we lost was our fencing. We’ve had friends that lost their house.
    But, awful tornadoes aren’t a yearly thing.
    I’m way more worried, yearly, about hail. Like you, in Texas we get huge hail. Not that dime and nickel size they get in the Midwest or East coast. ? Spring and Fall when a front comes through….we all get a bit nervous. ?

  7. Boy does this bring back memories! I was raised in west Texas and every spring and summer you got real good at getting to the cellar! At least being a little kid and having to sit on the floor, I could still breathe! I think all the grownups smoked and they smoked even more when they were scared. And of course someone ALWAYS had to go to the bathroom in the house when the storm got real bad! No tornado in it's right mind would have messed with grand daddy's storm cellar! So glad that we don't have much of a problem with storms like that where we live now. Ya'll stay safe! We will be praying for you!

  8. Hope You All came out OK after the Storm!!?? We had much hard rain, freezing rain sleet, high winds & touch of snow. By, today Fri. Much gone & melted. SUNSHINE ALL DAY. / Great Information.

  9. You left out securing all the small things in yard or where that can become air born and become a missel or whatever depending on how strong the wind d and securing house windows by shuttering again wind drive debris have seen 2×4 spear thru tree trunk loose sheet metal not to be gross but like sword do alot personal body injury

  10. What a good video. We had a hail storm golf cart and lawn mower were ok but my van had $6000 in damage. Should have put my van in garage and other stuff under the barn. Lesson learned.

  11. Of course being in military and working for the military we always had to refresh tongue for different disasters and have check lists. Persons to notify out of the area to let them know we were safe. Batteries, lights, food water, places to move animals (farm) in case of hurricane.
    I love your going through that.
    When I retired I kept forms for entire gamely to have so they didn't have to start from scratch.
    Again God Bless and thanks.

  12. I was stuck in North Carolina a few years back driving through the hurricane as it came up the coast..the farm fields had all of the vehicles parked out thousands of feet from each other n the cows n pigs were running free..i thought that odd but later was told the animals know when to run??? N the cars n tractors? Maybe no tree or house falls on them or a tornado takes one but leaves the rest…THAT was something I'd never seen or heard before..thx for the info.

  13. OHH buddy…during a hurricane a mini tornado whipped a piece of rebar thru my front window barely missing a friend's head and another gust peeled my back porch roof like an orange…fences down chickens flying..a mess!!!

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