How to Dress for Intense Cold Temperature – Ideas for Layering

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How to gown for serious chilly climate an Arctic expedition and how to layer properly is discussed in our newest travel vlog at The Earth D
Study our full write-up at Wintertime Layering Tips for the Deep Freeze:

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Dave and Deb of The Planet D share their winter season layering ideas on their latest travel vlog.
While on a winter season safari in the Arctic, they shared how they stayed warm when going for walks in -42-degree temperature.

Thanks to Churchill Wild and Manitoba Tourism for the winter excursion to the Hudson Bay.
Look at out their internet sites for polar bear safaris

and Travel to Manitoba.

Winter season Gear in this video can be bought on Amazon.
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↠ Foundation Layers for really cold:
►Icebreaker Merino Wool Leggings Mens:

►Icebreaker Merino Wool Leggings Females:

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↠ Mid Layer:
►Underarmour Fleece Pant:
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►Canada Goose Hybridge down jacket
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►Arc’teryx fleece mid layer

↠ Outer Layer
►Canada Goose Expedition Parka:

►Snow Pants

►Smart Wool liner gloves: Fantastic for iphones.

►Wool socks:
Good Wool Crew:

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↠Toe Warmers:
↠Hand Heaters:

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  1. Tip: use waterproof socks. They are incredibly thin for the heat they retain. I don't get on with boots – so I bought an Altra Lone Peak 4 waterproof trail runner. I use Dark Tough's as my inner sock, Seal Skinz as my outer socks and the trainer. That's it. Just buy a little over sized. Went for a hike for 4 hours in 20 below C last week in Montreal and my feet were toasty warm without being uncomfortable. If you get cold feet you can add another water proof sock. I know that's not sub 40 but a pretty handy tip for warmer days. For sub 40 I'd still think it'd work – you might have to buy 2 sizes bigger but just keep adding socks – it's just so much comfier than big heavy boots.

    Oh and you stop snow ingress into your shoe with gaiters. Even if you have an accident and your shoe gets wet – you have multiple layers of waterproof socks.

  2. this is how to dress with unlimited funds. i've worn much cheaper clothing than this in similar conditions. i like to splerge on the merino too though because it's great stuff. i use wool mittens as well although they aren't merino.

    the big thing is the wind though, keep a shell of some kind for your hands because high winds will cut straight through wool gloves.

  3. Much respect from Minnesota! I work outside year round and we will be out in -10°F during the winter, but you guys are nuts going on a nature walk in -50°F lol

  4. Coming from a country where average temperature all year around 25°C – 37°C. Watching this video where people have to put layers of clothes around their body is fascinating and perplexing at the same time.

  5. my Extreme Weather clothing
    1. BASE LAYERS-> are ALL polyester. Any wool will hold more moisture than polyester and that is not good nest to your skin.
    2.OVER BASE LAYER-> I do sometimes use a heavy Norwegian wool sweater over my base layer, otherwise light fleece jacket
    3. MID LAYER-> synthetic pant and jacket
    4. OUTER PANTS-> Thinslate insulated ski bib pants
    5. SOCKS->thin poly liner socks ->3 mm closed cell neoprene divers' socks (keeps sweat out of felt pack liners) THIS VBL (VAPOR BARRIER LINER) is essential for warm feet ALL day.
    6.PARKA-> Eddie Bauer Peak XV down parka with DWR treated down (absorbs 30% less moisture & dries 60% faster than untreated down)
    7. BALACLAVA-> WindStopper fleece
    8. SKI GOGGLES-> Absolutely necessary
    9. MITTENS-> OR Gore-Tex shells-> Dachstein boiled wool liners or double layer fleece liners (WITH thin fleece glove liners for dexterity when mittens are briefly off to do things like photography.
    10. BOOTS-> Sorel felt pacs or US military arctic (white) "Mickey Mouse" boots

    Remember to bring high calorie snacks and water in a wine boat or other hydration bladder hanging from your neck. (beneath your outer parka).

    CREDS-> Nordic & alpine National Ski Patroller, US Army reserve officer instructor for winter survival

  6. base layers of the breakfast of cold weather gear. Dummies like to repeat the mantra that it's the most important when really it's the least. Would you rather have someone drop you off up there in with just a parka and insulated pants or just underwear?

  7. One of my best memories is of winter hiking along the St. Lawrence River one Christmas. We rented a cabin at Wellesley Island State Park and explored the trails around the island. We had all the right gear———-lots of fleece! We could be out most of the day and still not get cold.
    That's about as far North as I would want to go.
    The wind!

  8. I am a diabetic. I get cold below 40 degrees F, and frigid at 20. These are great tips for people with circulation problems already. Although as a Diabetic, I have to be really careful with toe and hand warmers.

  9. I'm a motorcyclist and whenever i see polar expeditions footage i always wonder why don't they just use some kind of enclosed helmet. I mean, even normal modular helmets are well insulated, and you can open the fron, and its visor has double pan plastic shield. I'm sure it would be feasible to manufacture something similar but for extreme cold use. Also, considering current technological advancement, why can't we have proper heated suit, with a battery? 😀



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