How should we adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change? | Inside Story

Scientists have long warned climate change will make extreme weather events more frequent.
At least 150 people have died in floods across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Forest fires are burning through Siberia, and wildfires in Canada and the United States could trigger the fourth heatwave in just a month.
So how should we, and governments, adapt to the new reality?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Tim Forsyth – Professor of Environment and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Emily Boyd – Director, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.

Simon Donner – Professor of Climatology, University of British Columbia.

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  1. the raising of the dead
    The blood was in Jesus
    Now Jesus has spread the blood
    In everyone
    The truth
    The honesty
    The test
    The challenge
    And the great meltdown

    Has begun
    Jan 2022
    The new beginning
    The planet was reset
    God is awakening the 60-70 percent
    Be ready
    For gods fire 🔥
    The one he puts inside us
    Just have faith in him
    Best thing you could do
    Have faith
    It will get worse before it gets better
    There will be many countries
    This year struggling
    Tidal waives
    Intense heat
    You name it
    The angels will bring it all
    They may even crack the fault line
    Big trouble
    How do I know
    Because I’m very old
    You could say ancient old
    see it all happen
    I’m here to help you all
    Most of all
    I’m here to help Jesus
    I will be here until the end of the 7 year tribulation
    Get ready everyone
    It’s coming
    The new beginning

  2. We learned about climate change in 5/6 th grade back when we had a ozone layer when that disappeared nobody said or did nothing many many years later now that the earth is dying you all won’t to take things seriously well it’s a bit to late now huh do t u think

  3. The two words that I'm totally sick of seeing and hearing! You know what they are? Yep, you're right! And it's been going on for millions of years. Guess what, it ain't gonna stop either!

  4. How should we adapt? We should use more fossil fuels. Allow the developing world access to inexpensive reliable energy so they can develop. Fossil fuels are the foundation of economic growth. Economic growth is the foundation of what keeps us safe from natural disasters. Even scientists readily admit that climate change harms the poor the most.

  5. Seriously, let's get one thing straight, its climatic perturbations causing the shifts in climatic anomalies or deviations from the normal seasonal conditions we are accustomed to, and the actor is nature.
    How so?
    Nibiru means crossing and a planetary body comes to Earth's solar orbit every 3,600 years. HERCOLUBUS and entourage is now in its ecliptical orbit and is near Earth which is now set at 23 degree tilt due to the precession of the equinoxes which occurs every 26,000 years. Its is alleged to cause the polar shifts. The perturbations or shake up is expected to last 20 years and when Hercolubus and entourage of celestial body completes the eclipt and travels back into deep space.
    During the solar cyclical cosmic crossover (or con-junction), of the planetary body, there will be PERTURBATIONS with varied degree of disorders followed by a lack of order or lack of predictability where entropy reign supreme.
    Waves of charged plasmatic energy system and the flow of energy may disrupt the core flows of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth's climate. The natural forces inducing the anomalies are extreme shifts in climate or weather affecting all the elements such as temperatures, precipitations, water levels, wind, tectonic ground conditions and soil stability, underground as well as surface volcanic activities, polar shifts affecting Ice and Glacial activities etc, but the most challenging problem comes from epidemics caused by viruses unleash from melting Ice or glaciers and from tectonic shitfs.
    Climate change is just a term to describe the degradation of the environment as the result from consumption of materials. Its really good to tidy up and give consideration to the living habits in consuming materials to pursue economic wealth but the mitigation to achieve carbon neutrality can result in improved living conditions. The option is to develop dispersed township located properly in most suitable terrain to avoid low lying densely populated regions.
    Can anyone stop this natural progression?

  6. The US MSM only covered German floods; nothing on the Netherlands or other countries in the EU.
    BOLD, REAL coverage by Top Notch Scientists! Thank you for the TRUTH.

  7. How should we adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change?
    80 Years ago Science did make clear, no one can adapt to climate change.
    Question answered !!
    Every child with near to Zero IQ, does understand that a changing climate does mean mass-extiction and there is no way to adapt to that,
    the Idiot combines the words "global climate change" and "adaption", is just laugh nothing more than that.

  8. This is the evidence of climate change you've been waiting for.
    There is massive flooding in China, India, Germany, Italy, and now Utah all in the past week. The wildfires and droughts get bigger every year all over the world. Desertification continues to encroach.
    The first ice free arctic in human history is projected for fall of 2022. This means the melting permafrost surrounding the arctic will melt faster as will the Greenland glaciers. The methane producing microbes are set to have a field day. Methane is a greenhouse gass 10x more effective at blanketing Earth in heat than CO2.
    This has the potential to raise the temperature of the planet beyond the threshold of all but extremeophiles.
     I would go a step further to say the Anthropcene Epoch is finished due to the inevitable breakup of the west Antarctic ice shelf and the resulting rapid sea level rise atop the already warming and expanding seas.
     When the shelf separates it will naturally drift north into the tumultuous tropic of capricorn. The ensuing breakup of that gargantuan iceberg will raise sea levels worldwide, drowning all coastal cities. I'd give it 3-5 years before all the ice melts, 10 at the most.
     Do you suppose humanity will pull together to decommission every nuclear power plant, toxic waste facility, chemical plant, open landfill, factory, CDC lab, weaponised bioagent black site, plastic-saturated department store and gas station whilst fleeing to higher ground? 
     Take all that and throw it in the oceans.
     Now consider that the underwater biome is already strained from centuries of overfishing as well as ocean acidification and the resulting habitat loss.
     Now factor in the effect on ocean currents due to an influx of that much fresh water. Desalination and sea level rise will change ocean currents, disrupting weather patterns worldwide making agriculture untenable.
     Do you suppose the phytoplankton responsible for the majority of Earth's oxygen will survive unscathed?

    So what can you do?
    Take the duff from the closest forests and sprinkle it on the permafrost. The seeds will grow sucking up all the water and preventing erosion while locking the carbon in the ground. This will prevent the methane producing microbes from running rampant. Seedlings will provide grazing for native unguents and habitat for insects which in turn will draw amphibians and birds.
    Also stop supporting te petrochemical industry with your dollar. No plastic, no fuel.
    You can do it! All the best.

  9. Still buying fossil cars v E cars. It will take 25 yrs to replace all auto with e cars even if we wanted by shear volume not even starting to phase out fuel cars

  10. ☄️There is no adaptation,there will be distractions all the way to the end of times,of the non too distant future!!
    The incoming destroyer Binary Planetary System X,towards the earth is getting closer by the day!☄️

  11. CO2 at 0.04% is a 2,500th of the atmosphere. That means to warm the climate by just 1"C carbon dioxide molecules must capture 2500"C of heat energy. That is bonkers. It also breaks all the laws of thermodynamics. 

    Methane is 0.00017% of the atmosphere so its even more bonkers.

    However, the climate is changing. This is because of deliberate geoengineering programmes, in particular ozone thinning away from the poles. Though largely unreported ozone thinning effect is directly observable, this summer you will see a unnaturally bright sun just as we did last year. Under these conditions the pain felt when looking at the sun is not only from the increase in visible light but the much larger increase in infrared. (Look up at the sky and you will see a range of geoengineering operations in progress, these include chemtrail induced cloud or hazing, ripple patterns caused by HAARP installations, bizarre and unnatural cloud formations).

    Climate change is a programme to force change in accordance with the implementation of Agenda 21 /2030. Current events demonstrate this transition is well underway and will involve massive population cull through injected nanotech (re transhumanist programme). Agenda 21 also sees the permanent loss of all property rights with the introduction of universal basic income (ref NESARA/GESARA) and has/is being promoted by The World Economic Forum. 

    'You will own nothing and you will be happy' WEF

    In a depopulated world the surviving brainwashed and controlled population will be confined to mega cities. Carbon limits will be used to restrict consumption and liberty. Meanwhile the re-greened wilderness will be the exclusive playground of the ultra rich elite posing as conservationists. 

    The CO2 hoax amounts to the theft of the world and the enslavement of humanity by a parasitic few. 

    Welcome to the future!


    I have included a debunking of 'accumulated heat' as it is so often used to explain how trace elements, so called 'greenhouse gasses', can warm the planet.

    Accumulated heat whilst sounding a reasonable explanation of how heat can build up is rather nothing more than gobbledygook. In fact it shows those using such arguments do not even understand what heat is.

    When we measure temperature we are measuring the heat energy a thing is losing. In short heat is a measurement of flow, the transfer of heat energy and this will always be in the direction towards the colder. For this reason a thing can never 'accumulate heat' in the way those advocating CO2 climate change describe. The temperature of a body is the measure of heat output, it can never be greater than the measure of heat input. Output = input. When a thing is warmed it is heated to an equivalent of the heat input. If this input is not maintained it will cool. Those that propose that heat can build up to be hotter than the total measure of heat input at a given time either do not understand what heat is or are being deliberately misleading. To illustrate, an object being heated by a flame can never become hotter than that flame, it's temperature cannot rise inexorably to the temperature of the sun for instance. Heat cannot be accumulated. When we think about it common sense tells us this must be the case.

    NASA and even Nobel Prize winning physicists have expounded 'accumulated heat' as the explanation how CO2 is able to warm the atmosphere. They claim that over hundreds of years CO2 has captured heat energy and this heat has 'accumulated' to produce a serious warming effect. As I have just explained, this is totally impossible and fundamentally violates all the laws of thermodynamics. That respected scientists should support such uneducated, unthinking nonsense is disturbing and only reflects that in terms of being able to think clearly about a subject they have no facility or inclination. These are the Dark Ages of science. Belief has outweighed logic or any critical thought. It tells us that we should not unquestioningly accept anything we are told, that experts can be fools.

    (NB: be aware of attempts to discard thermodynamics by talking about biology.
    Eg. 'It only takes a drop of arsenic to kill a person.'
    This would be somewhat desperate, muddled thinking. Clearly biological processes based on the reaction of a cell are not the same as the laws of physics/thermodynamics).

  12. These experts keep saying the same things, over and over again. They're like a broken record at this point. "We need to raise awareness, governments need to act." They will not talk about the real problem: the rich and powerful. The people who benefit most from the status quo, fossil fuel company executives, for instance, will do anything within their immense power to PREVENT the necessary changes. What do we do about that? Because, until we have a solution for that, all other measures face a very low probability of being implemented.

  13. 2 days ago. 07 28 21 At nytz in my room did I said it shake the ground under an earthquake if u know what I mean even in text I did say or said it on text my fone weekly text gudday 07 pray

  14. This is possibly the most pointlessly abstract and dullest discussion of climate chaos I have ever heard. They might as well have been discussing the next Soviet five-year plan instead of an existential threat to human civilization, not to mention our survival as a species. The show could have used some guests and a host with a little more energy and specific examples of adaptation.

  15. China is getting hammered hard with flooding too…but in typical communist fashion, they’re trying to hide it, but thousands are dying in China alone, why isn’t it getting the same attention?? Weather their government likes it or not, we are ALL part of a global community, because this is affecting everyone, as does countries not cutting greenhouse gasses. We should be using this to bring us all closer together in harmony, to work together, and to set old hatred aside starting anew, for the betterment and salvation of every single citizen of the planet, not just a country.

  16. We as individuals should stop eating meat right now. 20% of total green house gases emissions are from animal agriculture. Watch cowspiracy and seaspiracy in netflix. We can not cry because climate disasters at the same time we have meat in our tables. Let's stop being hypocrites.

  17. I don't believe the government will get us out of this it's climate chaos it's climate change it's been coming for a while and these guys are so funny if they think that we can stop mother nature, I think they've got another thought coming, it's cycles of time the earth goes through Cycles that's all, good luck everone

  18. Almost every one of these videos speaks of "climate change," as the reason for these disasters; flood, fire, famine, and pestilence~! There are some that blame "climate change" for COVID19 and its so-called variants~?
    I am truly saddened; when I hear pleas like, "Who will save us?"
    There is only One who can save them, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
    (John 3:16 KJB)
    "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
    And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die."
    (John 11:25-26 KJB)

    May God have mercy on their poor souls, but this is no climate crisis; this is a warning from Him that He's coming soon~! Global warming is a farce, and has no foundation in real science~! God has complete control of the weather and will use it according to His will. God surely knows in advance who His children are as well as who they're going to be~! Any of His children were never going to die to begin with, as are those who will be His; they are destined to live eternally because of their belief in Jesus Christ~! I can't say I know exactly what God's plans are, but I believe this is a warning to get right with God before any of these disasters strikes closer to your home or you and you perish in your sin~!

    "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
    And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."
    (Matthew 24:37-39 KJB)

    God said he would never again destroy the earth by flood; that's his rain"bow," his promise; but He never said it wouldn't be destoyed~! Noah's flood was a baptism that made the earth new again, and as Jesus said He also came to baptize with fire, which I believe means not only will there be tribulation but in the end, the earth will be made new once more, and this time for eternity~!

    "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which, the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up."
    (2 Peter 3:10 KJB)

    As 6 is the number of man, I believe the earth is 6000 yrs old, and the millennium Kingdom is the 7000th year~! The number 7, denotes completeness or perfection, and thereafter the beginning of Heaven and eternity future, where time will no longer exist~!

  19. Man has destroyed the earth, the damage has been done. So what do we do? Look for life on another planet and destroy that in time as well.

  20. Heaven and earth shall pass away but my WORDS shall not pass away. Says the LORD JESUS CHRIST… There is nothing man can do…Just believe and pray .. He is preparing a new Jerusalem for those who believe in HIM.. Luke 21… Rev. 21. GOD BLESS…

  21. As per one of the experts, solution is to take people away from flood, or flood taken away from people. What if there's extreme heat and drought, can people be separated from such weather? In this situation, will you not yearn for floods?

  22. Sevareid's law……. "The greatest source of problems is solutions".
    Will Rogers………. "If stupidity got us into this mess, why can't it get us out?"

    If any disaster aversion is possible, it must be attended by a significant reduction of human population. We are moving up against 8 billion…….. we should be moving down against 2 billion.

  23. An event of global scale will happen July 24, 2021 at 15:00GMT – the international online conference "Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone". We have the right to know the truth! We have a chance, uniting our efforts, to overcome the collapse of humankind together and enter the era of prosperity by building the Creative Society! On Allatra TV International Youtube Channel.



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