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Episode 4: The selection of climate-relevant disasters has greater 5-fold over the past 50 yrs. So I’m traveling to Britain’s Achieved Place of work to see how temperature forecasting will work mainly because it’s an alarm program we just take for granted. I also spend some time in a distinctive wave machine to feel the effects of flooding.

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:00 Intro
1:39 The Fulfilled Business
4:39 Oxfordshire
7:42 HR Wallingford
10:30 German Flooding
14:59 Intense Discussions
19:09 Peak District


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  1. I’m glad this was advertised to me. I knew that was a familiar face! It’s been nearly 10 years since I checked in on the channel. Seeing how much you’ve grown and matured made me realize how much I did too. I’m glad you’re taking on such an important issue.

  2. Such an impressive series and so beautifully made. Jack, thank you for making this free to watch! What a project this must have been. Looking forward to see the other episodes.

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