How Metropolitan areas Like Phoenix Are Updating Infrastructure To Fight Extreme Climate

Climate transform is a massive aspect for Phoenix’s soaring temperatures in addition to the city’s populace development and progress. NBC News’ Joshua Johnson is joined by Peter Kalmus, a weather scientist at UCLA’s Joint Centre for Regional Earth Process Science and Engineering to explore how some metropolitan areas are getting measures to update their infrastructure. 
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  1. I lived there for several years to the point of heat intolerance a few decades ago. There is ZERO SHADE for parked cars, no underground or covered parking anywhere so you suffer greatly even with AC. Nothing is designed for cooling or shade as far as business & shopping. How snowbirds can handle this (?) who knows since they are a major part of the economy along with tourism…. but the locals are the ones who really suffer. PS never travel anywhere without a gallon + of water, especially in the summer!

  2. Oh yes if humpty Dumpty hadn't wasted all that money on usless giant fence .the country would have been getting fixed instead of falling apart . Why is he still free why how.?

  3. I lived in Phoenix most my life. A great uncle was two term Governor of Arizona and one term US Senator losing to Barry Goldwater in 1952. Anyway I retired to Central America (no not Kansas, the other Central America) I currently live in a 7 bedroom/5 bath house with 4 caR GARAGE ON 23 ACRES IN COSTA RICA. fOR WHICH MY RENT IS $159.12 A MONTH! It has never been colder than 54F, never hotter than 87. Living on a budget of $800 to $1000 a month I live very well with my wife ands have enough left over to travel Internationally 3 months a year.
    Damned Covid preventing a 6 month trip to Europe for the last 2 years. We don't use any fossil fuel for electricity. No Army and no wars since 1948 and the savings is used for health care and education. Life in Retirement as it should be.

  4. I've visited Phoenix many times for business. I manage the extreme heat by not living there. In retired now so it's unlikely I'll be visiting either. OMG, it's blazing hot most of the time.

  5. why aren’t we talking about nuclear energy? It’s the cleanest and most efficient way to produce power. Also, there is no science that shows storms are increasing as result of climate change

  6. How is no reporter on this station so incompetent….if you simply googled electric by 2025 you would find out their is several automakers already in the process of eliminating production of gasoline engines in order for ev production

  7. Desert living is not sustainable unless you're a Native or a lizard. IT SUCKS, the tide has been out for a gazillion years! I was stuck in Tucson for a few years so I KNOW, 114 degrees is an oven.

  8. Click thumbs down on this comment. To signify the thumbs down. This should be on every comment section so that everyone can show the dislike bar still….since fauci removed thumbs down stats on YouTube. A simple comment placed in each comment section for people to click dislike. Will show the true dislike again. But only if everyone participates. So lets get a thumbs down for Nbc, Biden, Harris, and Fauci on this comment

  9. I was reading about the city of Waukesha…. Can't wait for your follow up on the Christmas parade attack.. By that terrorist in his SUV …ran a bunch of folks over


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