How Do Tornadoes Form? | The Science of Extraordinary Weather

How do tornadoes sort? What tends to make some tornadoes additional devastating than many others? What is the most effective way to keep safe and sound through a twister? Thankfully, experts are on the situation.
In this movie, Eric Snodgrass talks about “tornadogenesis”—the science of how tornadoes kind. He discusses how meteorologists chase storms that result in tornadoes, and shares scientific details that lead to breakthroughs in the being familiar with of these untamable monsters of temperature.

This video is episode 14 from the collection “The Science of Serious Temperature”, presented by Eric Snodgrass. Master far more about the science of severe weather at:

00:00 Is a Twister Simply Air Masses Pushing towards Every single Other?
01:45 What Is a Wall Cloud?
04:00 Get an Up-Close Perspective of What It can be like to Go Storm Chasing
07:00 Why Are Only about 30% of All Supercells Capable to Develop Tornadoes?
07:30 See How One Supercell Generated A number of Tornadoes in Illinois
11:00 What Comes about Throughout a Vortex Breakdown?
13:30 What is a Telltale Indication that a Tornado is In close proximity to the Stop of Its Lifetime?
14:45 What is the Most Well known Tornado Family members Event That At any time Transpired?
16:30 How Do Tornadoes Variety in Fireplace?
17:10 The Pioneer of Twister Research
19:00 What is the Fujita Scale?
20:50 Improved Fujita Scale
21:50 Most Powerful Tornado in Recorded Background
23:20 The 1st 5-Ranked Twister on the New Scale
23:40 Rising the Tornado Warning Time
24:00 Why We May perhaps Not Want to Prolong the Warning Time
24:20 The Researcher Who Motivated the Motion picture Tornado
25:00 Twister Analysis Will take a Large Leap Forward With Doppler on Wheels
26:05 Precautions for Storm Chasing
27:00 Why You Should not Get Shelter Below an Overpass
28:08 Greatest Spot to Seek out Shelter If Caught in a Twister


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  2. This video was a major relief for me. I get crazy anxiety with storms and I hate the idea of something coming out of the sky lol, I appreciate all of the knowledge!

  3. I'm glad that the movie 'Twister' was mentioned. I live in Belgium, where tornadoes don't happen often and certainly not as strong as in the USA, but when I saw the movie as a kid, I was really fascinated by tornadoes, and up to this day I am.
    Supercell storms used to be very rare here, but the last 10 years we have had more thunderstorms like this, with heavy hail damage as well. Even though I'd like to see a tornado, I hope these stronger storms don't generate one here, since the area is so densely populated.

  4. Very well done. This video is very complete and simplified many of the complex interactions which generate such weather events: and very comprehensive as well.

    I thought the presenter did a great job – enthusiastic, nicely delivered, making a mega enjoyable documentary.

    Awesome effort! Thanks!

  5. In April of 2015 we were staying in Cleburne TX as a tornado passed just south of us, about a mile away. Being from the Northwest it was about the most intense storm I have ever seen in person. It was just after sunset and there was torrential rain was coming down so thick and fast it was like a wall of water. There was so much lightning it was like a stobe light. A group of us were gathered outside under the hotels awning watching the storm, and though we couldn't see it, we could hear the tornado as it passed. It sounded like the roar of a jet engine without the whine. Luckily it went through a mostly uninhabited area south of the city. The next day we drove through the area where the tornado was, and we saw full grown trees twisted apart and splintered into toothpicks. The grass in the area was about 3 feet tall but all knocked completely flat and woven together like a carpet. It was surreal looking at all the destruction knowing how close we were to its path.

    Seeing it in person really put into perspective how incredibly powerful these things are, and how absolutely helpless you are in the face of a tornado. They come so fast and are gone so quickly there really is nothing that you can do apart from hunker down and hope you aren't in the way. You are completely at the mercy of the storm. Videos really do not do them justice.

  6. Finally!! Someone who points out, if you go to a "ditch" most tornados will just blow or move you worse than a several thousand lb vehicle!! I have continued to hear even recently to "get out of your car & lie in a ditch"…how dumb!!
    It would have to be quite a crevasse!!
    Depending on how far away the impact the tornados path is in relation to an overpass, makes a difference, as does
    the size of tornado & wind speeds make a difference – if it was a ef2 & 50 yrds away–or is it an ef3-5 and heading to encompass the overpass?
    In some tornadoes, if it is strong & wide– unless your in secure shelter or a safe basement, no guarantee anywhere really, outside of good below ground or safe-room shelter.
    In Alabama in 2013 over 20 ppl were sucked out of a shelter.
    Use common sense.

  7. I am a student studying the Mathematical modeling of Tornadoes. Is it possible to send me a link to the pdf version of your explanation of tornado formation. I have picked a lot of interest in your study

  8. My mom just woke me up telling me there’s a tornado warning ?? I live in New England so I’ve never seen one but I stg if we get one today ????

  9. No explanations what so ever. You cant just say a causes b without an explanation of how, why, and what caused a and b in the first place. No math, no chemistry, no physics, nothing real.

  10. Wondrium is just amazing. I just got the app. Great Courses Plus.

    Amazing !!! Such a perfect and complete content. Great professors. Also, pdf books available for Download. Thank you !

  11. The essential thing is not explained in this video. Why is the kinetic energy so concentrated in a tornado? The energy in the wind is increased several 100 times. What are the mechanisms that lead to this?

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