How Climate Change causes Extreme Weather Events

How Climate Change causes Extreme Weather Events 7

Climate Change is causing extreme weather events around the world and South Asia is facing worst weather due to climate change. The South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bethan & Maldives) faces drought, flood and other extreme weather events due to climate changes. This video explains how the global warming affects the rainfall system, cause heat waves, severe drought, and floods in South Asia?

Extreme weather events mean the unusual rise or fall of rain, temperature, or other effects. In South Asia, the rising temperature is disturbing the seasonal rainfall system called the monsoon. The agriculture in most areas of the South Asia is heavenly dependent on the monsoon. The monsoon system causes rainfall in the summer season due to the imbalance of temperature of the ocean and land. But now average rise in ocean temperature is decreasing the monsoon rain. The Indian Ocean temperature has risen to 1.4 Celsius since 1950. The rising temperature also disturbs the water cycle. It creates an imbalance between evaporation and precipitation. An increase in evaporation puts more water vapors in the atmosphere, which causes heavy rainfall in wet areas and causes drought in dry areas.
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