How 8 Extraordinary Weather conditions Scenes Have been Created for Motion pictures | Films Insider

Choose a glance at the realistic and electronic results that introduced eight organic disasters to lifetime, from the apocalyptic events of “2012” to the biblical deluge of “Noah.”

Hollywood has often been keen on catastrophe flicks. The style is distinctive in the sheer dimensions of the spectacles that will have to be created, with specific consequences teams constructing whole metropolitan areas or worlds only to degree them. In this episode of “Flicks Insider,” we crack down the assorted approaches applied to build extraordinary weather conditions phenomena on the large monitor, from miniature consequences to shaky deck sets to a large light-weight and rain rig, and present you particularly what these results appeared like driving the scenes.

We do a deep dive into how “San Andreas” made use of CG to sculpt a deep fissure in the earth, delivering the backdrop for The Rock’s heroics, and how “The Impossible” recreated the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami with actual drinking water, filming Naomi Watts’ and Tom Holland’s scenes in Europe’s greatest h2o tank.

In addition, see how “Mad Max: Fury Street” produced a hellish sandstorm healthy for George Miller’s dystopian eyesight, how Darren Aronofsky brought the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark and the Good Flood to life with huge-scale rain effects in “Noah,” and how Paul W. S. Anderson’s “Pompeii” created an exacting recreation of the ancient town only to later damage it with a volcanic eruption, earthquake, and tsunami. And come across out how “Into the Storm” produced a fantastical fire tornado appear believable and how apocalypse motion pictures like “2012” and “The Day Following Tomorrow” applied groundbreaking particular consequences to visualize end-of-the-environment scenarios.

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How 8 Extreme Temperature Scenes Had been Designed for Movies | Movies Insider


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  1. I saw both 2012 and San Andreas. Kinda had the same story. Couple separating, disaster happens which brings them back together.
    At least Day After Tomorrow had a good story.

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  3. “500,000 tons of steel” is absolutely incorrect. An aircraft carrier weighs a maximum of 100,000 tons and there’s no way a studio would spend anything close to that kind of money on a movie budget!

  4. The great flooding in 2012 was archived by accelerating global warming. We can only live on earth because the great flooding cooled down Earth's surface in the process.

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  6. I’d love to know about the environmental impacts of these things. Like if they use environmentally friendly colours in the sea water for the tsunami & then re-release the water to the ocean, or if the other scenes use actual drinking water for the rain etc.

    If all looks great but it sounds very wasteful to create all these things. Anyone know if theses ever been an article or paper on the environmental impacts of various movies/movie genre?



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