Hotel supervisor checked his balcony – this is what happened – serious weather conditions in Norway

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This bad man requested a resort area with a baclony – and got it. When he went out … The severe Norwegian temperature gave him a minor clean up.

It is nuts in Molde, Norway, right now. The Excessive Weather conditions/storm Gyda has hit with its brutal power. Gyda has led to evacuations of properties in three places in Møre og Romsdal. A massive range of stretches of street have been closed following floods and landslides. Also leading to the rare phenomona atmospheric river.

Central Norway in individual has been strike difficult by the storm. According to NVE, Thursday will be the day the place Gyda will be at its most extreme: It has not reached its best or peak – and geologists and forecasters warn about big hurt and threat.

In the middle of all this, our lousy very good friend, Joachim, works as a restaurant supervisor, quickly. He lives in a hotel room as he commonly lives in Oslo. Not only is he bored to demise as the resort is shut down because of to the pandemic. In addition, the “sunny” balcony need to seriously place him to the exam. Thank you, Joachim, for sharing.

This a person is a shorty – we guarantee to provide some a lot more content in February. Remain tuned. And like, peace and covid 🙂

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  1. OMG! I’ve always been fascinated by Antarctica and frequently watch videos made there. I’ve never seen anyone have their eyelids blown up off the eyeballs before! That is crazy!! Glad you are safe.

  2. Holy crap! That's really crazy! It's like a tropical storm out there. Except cold!

    Also I'm learning Norwegian on Duolingo and I can kinda understand a few words he said!

  3. Important information for all those medical doctors from Countries in Southern Europe who consider relocating and working in Molde Hospital, to fill vacancies there. Salary is good, tax is high, and this is the weather they will get for 9 months every year.

  4. Wow, that looks almost like the winds we get here in Florida during a tropical storm. Luckily, it has been a reasonably mild winter here in south U.S.A. today the temps are in the 60s (F, don't know the C numbers) but overnight is cold.

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