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Immediately after returning household from their journey from hell, Lisa inquiries Meredith’s loyalty and friendship, but Meredith thinks they’re all responsible for what happened in Vail. Jen feels alone and isolated, but Heather agrees to see her and give her guidance. Mary meets with an organizer to test to provide buy to her chaos, whilst Jennie options a Pho luncheon. Whitney confesses her rebrand has drained the family savings, but goes in advance with an high-priced image shoot.


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  1. Lisa Barlow allow Jen Shaw to scare her young children in the backseat of her car. It would be a cold day in Hell before one of my friends would ever speak like that in front of my child. I don't care what Jen Shaw is going through, Jen Shaw has an excuse for her behavior and she always says I'm sorry and then she does it again. Those are not friends. It speaks volumes to Lisa Barlow's character for even allowing it to happen.

  2. The fact that Jen is making this into racism is so bad!! Is a federal case you’re serving a warrant, that how it works , you don’t whats going to happen people do crazy things. Maybe don’t commit fraud and don’t make your kids go through this.

  3. Mary is a hoarder, she needs to go to counseling to deal with her issue about her mother. And get rid of all those damn clothes half that stuff she doesn’t even wear.

  4. Mary Cosby. OMG! You're a hoarder. You're also dilusional as well. You manipulate your church folks using the name of God to have them give you money and have them mortgage their homes so if they should pass away, their home goes to you the so called church. You're using the name of God invane. You will reap what you have sown. You're time is coming, tick, tick, tick…

  5. …at this point, I'm not even really sure what these women are even fighting about anymore…That scene w Lisa & Meredith- I heard crickets….whaaaa????

  6. Lisa is full of crap. Period. She is the one that thinks she is the baddest bitch in the group. She is fake AF. Jen is also disgusting for continuing the narrative that she is black and talking about how her sons were put in danger. Girl, they were put in harm's way because of the actions you decided to do. The feds don't come knocking on anyone's door with an apple pie and a smile.

  7. Jen constantly pulling the race card is sickening. I have sympathy for her childhood struggle but as a Poly girl myself (hapa hawaiian) we are overall very welcoming and welcomed. She's being super dramatic. Love Jennie ❤ LOVE love Heather (Im a Heather) and cannot stand Lisa or Mary. Change up the cast. Oh and love me some Whitney. Meredith is fine but boring.

  8. Lisa is that jealous sneaky friend that always has the dagger in your back. She gets a kick out of starting fires everywhere and gets mad when everyone knows she started the fire! 😂

  9. Of all the things I watched this episode, the one takeaway is that Whitney needing 1 mil to start a bull shit face oil line is suspicious and naive 🤣 wake up girl, what r u on?

  10. As a police officer or federal agent, you're dealing with criminals. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TYPE OF SITUATION YOU'RE walking into. It seems like Jen is attempting to deflect. Yea it's traumatizing for her kids and it's a shame they had to experience that but they were doing their job properly.



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