Holiday travel chaos amid serious climate

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Airports are packed this Independence Day weekend as Us residents return to air vacation at costs not observed considering that 2019.

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  1. Could man find a way to change the
    past due to the pandemic and other
    things going on around the world,
    especially Ukraine and climate change ? If life tells us to
    move forward, the pandemic never let
    us move forward and we could not
    make a memory of our own where it
    hindered us from going anywhere.
    Without memory life wouldn't exist.

  2. Stimulus money should have been up to the people and put on a emergency ballet. Americans should have had a say on who received bail out money and who didn't…

  3. I thought you'd be celebrating the victory the victory in New York State about 3rd 3rd the Prime Minister abortion. A great victory for the democrats. In the governor of the State of New York.

  4. This list is more likely
    Joe Biden (50 yr Washington dinosaur) and( the puppet of Congress)Hunter Biden the drug addicted to cocaine pervert on Air Force One smoking his crack (like father like son)
    Geriatric Syndromes ·anxiety, Bladder Control, Depression, Delirium · Dementia ·OCPD, Falls · Osteoporosis · Parkinsons' Alzheimers
    MOST OF Congress fits in the Geriatric list of Symptoms vote out all of Congress (why should American people tremble)they forgot people have the power not them! every midterm clean house, Article Five,(convention of States)

  5. Biden tweeted that gas station companies need to immediately lower their prices. Jeff Bezos responded, stating that Biden lacks even a basic understanding of economics and how prices are set. The Chinese government PRAISED Biden in a tweet, stating, "Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation." Biden seeks to be loved by Communists. He doesn't really like the American people, and it shows.

  6. Shame on this pilots, they are very well paid, much more than many other hard working professionals and they are taking advantage of the labor disruption for their benefit, they don’t care for passengers and all others!

    Just imagine a police officer or a firefighter negotiating during a emergency, just not ethical!

  7. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤️ "The mind is the man, the poor is in it and the rich is it too". This sentence is the secret of most successful investors. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth…

  8. really "i have not just a problem".
    connecting "universities, high-profile, dignitaries, structures – the police, the prosecutor's office, partly the FSB, e.t.c……e.t.c…….", application of such methods.
    *- post hypnosis, memory loading, reading, doing "accurate dreams" is "illegal." big consequences, unpredictable.
    yes, in my case, "high probability" to replace, break, steal, mess up" real exemplar, sample. yes, think yourself.
    yes yes, all it take place my back.

  9. what?
    of course ok ok, to be honest, it doesn't really matter.
    yes yes – i tell at once:
    1 moment, just in case, yes – it my problem: i have very big problems on the territory of the russia. plan to change citizenship next summer.
    *- for example – "to read a dream in reality – a floor of a bath of blood (one sip) – consequences. yes, therefore "change citizenship". read memory.
    *- or for example: deals with the "development of diseases" piggy (mumps).
    *- spoils vision – read a waking dream "eye pressure jumps".
    *- post hypnosis, memory loading, reading, doing "accurate dreams" is "illegal."
    *- yes – spoil the heart, eyes, ears, sense of smell, liver, kidneys, lungs …….e.t.c …….e.t.c…….. illegal.
    *- ah yes, the leg is "to tear" in the hip "overexertion".
             – through constant – icy cold cooling of the hands, producing – asthma. create – precise hallucinations. e.t.c…..e.t.c….. pumps out money, makes a real disabled person……..e.t.c……e.t.c…… yes, many consequences. moreover – deals intensively with 'harassment, extortion, coercion,…….e.t.c…….e.t.c…….'
    – all information is stolen or replaced   in the near future collecting documents consequences over the past 14 years. and yes – to the embassy United States and United Kingdom. look where will take. i was "nothing" paid for the "time and consequences" of using illegal methods, over the past 14 years. probably stay in russia for hold out 1 year and that’s it. of course not – not to live not to work do not give. yes – makes a disabled person.
             ah yes – started repeating english, "the radio came" and jumped from the phone to my notebook, illegally.
    yes yes – diseases "continue specially inoculate".
    yes yes – this  behind my back.
    nothing to talk about – half a loaf of bread buy for 2 kilometers, although everything is in 2 steps.
    just in case.
    yes – they broke 2 laptops and a tablet and phones etc. ………… etc. …………    "break my with my hands", etc. ………… etc. …………….  .. , the money was not returned to me. i see no reason to “buy for money".
    yes – this  behind my back. 
    1 moment:         
    to be honest, it doesn't really matter.         
    – my tablet "battery does not work well", she over.         
    – my notebook very weak, it can be thrown away.         
    – my telephone "old age", don't long. i'm not going to buy with money, i have very big problems on the territory of the russia

  10. This week with George Stephanopoulos and the man you have on he has no idea what he's talking about he can swing it anyway he likes but he is full of BS the American people are suffering at the price of the Democrats and there is going to be a big wide Awakening for our country

  11. and where the hell is Albo???Missing in action !!On "important O/S trips paying homage to Zelensky as if that will make the slightest difference to the war!!!! all PR!while back in Australia people are drowning and suffering . Where's the environment minister? oh right shes O/S as well cosying up to the French President talking about "climate" meanwhile the country drowns!. Got get over seas and be seen to be important meanwhile back home the country is drowning. All talk talk.
    No difference, they are all the same what a big disappointment, they cant even focus on their own donut!(look after their own country all missing in action!)



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