Historic Winter Storm Live Coverage – With Live Storm Chaser & Live Cameras – Blizzard

In this live stream, we are breaking down an ongoing winter storm, blizzard, and severe weather in the United States. This severe weather event could bring significant damaging winds, large to very large hail, and tornadoes. This is a live weather channel.





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  1. I’m in Missouri and outside it’s impossible it’s 23 right now but the wind blows like crazy it really feels like 5 or something like that.

  2. I was surprised to see more snow in metro Detroit than expected. I’m just north of Detroit, in Birmingham and we received 6” of heavy, wet snow. We had thunder snow a few times tonight, with a lot of trees breaking and transformers blowing.

  3. Yup, people going nuts again, grabbing ALL the toilet paper off the shelves, it's insane. We are in Oklahoma the weather NEVER stays the same here for very long.

  4. Marceline Missouri and we started off with freezing rain at 6 this morning and then on and off precipitation most of the day with high wind and blowing snow that was already on the ground from last storm currently wind is blowing 35 to 40 with snow

  5. I'm in Racine wisconsin just north of kenosha, we have about a inch of slush since I left this morning. Has been snowing all day just turning g to slush.

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