Here’s How Bad This Tornado Season Will Be

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In this video we are talking about how there could be over one thousand tornadoes in the USA this year.

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  1. I’m an Oklahoman, and 2012-2013 was some of the most memorable years for me storm wise, and I was still pretty young then, and have really only lived in a place tornadoes have only edged around my entire life. But the storms, stories, and experiences were so impacting.

  2. I live in Norman and I haven’t really been impacted by any tornados for the past 5 or 6 years I’d say. Nothing has even come close to hitting us and I don’t remember the last time a signifiant tornado happened in central oklahoma. That being said, in the past couple of months my neighborhood was hit with an ef2 (just missed me by a couple blocks) and yesterday an ef3 came within a mile or so of my house. I’m not liking the new trend.

  3. Thank you Ryan! On 3/31 at 11:47 you warned my wife who was in bed that a tornado was coming. She joined me in the basement and 7 minutes later we were hit by an EF3 tornado. We have lots of damage however are thankful to be alive.

  4. Live in South Dakota and we have had very few tornadoes/supercells in the last 10 years. Even fewer thunderstorms. Weird. According to NOAA we've been El Nina-ish lately and El Nino neutral for about the last 3 years. Where to go for accurate information🤯?
    Is comforting that you see patterns because the weather patterns seem like they've gone off a cliff to me. Drastic change, at least for a 55 year period. Anyone else?



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