Hellish blizzard buried Sakhalin !! Russia under the snow

A solid snowstorm has been raging in the south of Sakhalin for the 2nd day.
An unexpected emergency routine was introduced in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk owing to a cyclone.
At the moment, the metropolis has previously received 34% of precipitation from the typical regular norm.
On the early morning of January 13, the regional center stopped.
There is a blizzard in the town, gusts of wind get to 22 meters for each 2nd, and ice on the streets.
During the night time, the courtyards and streets were being loaded up with snowdrifts of human peak and it is pretty much impossible to dig out automobiles from the snow blockages.
“We haven’t found everything like this for a long time,” eyewitnesses remark.
Lousy climate brought on flight delays, some postponed until finally tomorrow.
In eight areas of the region, schoolchildren have been transferred to distance understanding.
Heating factors for drivers are on high inform.
The authorities check with, if feasible, all motorists to chorus from traveling by particular transportation, building it achievable to very clear the streets.
About 200 parts of products are concerned in snow removing.
In accordance to the weather forecast, snowfall will proceed with various degrees of depth till Saturday.


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  1. Господи, чушь какая, на Сахалине все замечательно. Сахалинцы переживали гораздо более глобальные катастрофы. Так что даже не надейтесь, господа!

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