Helicopter Sikorsky crashes north of Los Angeles | Excessive Weather conditions

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A Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter (N72EX) executing flight from Santa Ana KSNA

was transitioning to the west of Van Nuys KVNY alongside the 101 Freeway in extremely marginal temperature when quickly crashed in the location of Calabasas.

AUDIO Resource: www.liveatc.internet


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  1. This post will be edited with updates.
    Leave your condolences to families and friends of all those who perished. RIP.
    This video shows facts on the accident. Please, do not speculate about the causes or try to look for responsibles. Thank you.

  2. Me personally ,i feel like the pilot and the flight guidance worker were not on the same page(s)

    Regardless let this be a lesson learned
    Don’t fly in FOG

  3. 4:40 -pilot now tells VanNuys he wants to go to the the 118. Why not cont on the 118 to Camarillo airport, to land? Didnt know the fog danger on 101W? Then slams u turn & down! It sputtered? Sabotage? Bk boxes shld be mandatory now in heli's. RIP to all.

  4. OK, Let’s see what we have here, let’s see what we have; “I” would’ve opened an IFR Flight Plan w/KSNA FSS via SLI-VOR (115.7) to CMA-VOR (115.8)-Direct, with Squawk-Code/Bearing/Altitude/& Airspeed assigned by SoCal App/Dep (TRACON). Straight-Line: No BS sightseeing through Downtown LA/CONGESTED San Fernando Valley Basin, w/EXTREMELY DETERIORATING IMC (THICK fog). “If” I lost my job, so damn be it; 9-lives saved Vs. 9-toes tagged, for fuck sake!!!

  5. Please make my video go viral I will get on the new and tell the world. Kobe was killed. This man killed Kobe. He said he was going up 4,000 feet to get out the clouds. And he stopped at 2,300 feet and entered a dive. Till he hit the ground. Facts. No engine failure . Helicopters dont just dive alone. Ether The pilot crashed them on purpose or he might have had a heart attack. Or the plan was controlled off sight by remote and that person killed him. The pilot killed Kobe. Why I dont know. They claim the reason for the crash is unknown . Meaning nothing wrong with the helicopter. It was controlled off sight. Or he did it. Period. They told the pilot he was to low for flight following. And then he took a dive. Why would you dive when being told you to low already. Why climb a little first.

  6. Frank Borman said "A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill."
    Frank ought to know, since he was the first man to command a flight to the moon.

  7. so many wanna be experts in this comment section.
    1. you people don't know shit about what caused this.
    2. hindsight is 20/20 and it doesn't help to say what they should have done. it's too late for that unfortunately.



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