Heatwaves ravage Asia, climate protesters disrupt Berlin | DW News

Heatwaves ravage Asia, climate protesters disrupt Berlin | DW News 7

The World Metereological Organisation says the last eight years have been the hottest on record. Asia has been hit especially hard by rising temperatures. Climate change is also linked to other extreme weather events, such as the flooding that devastated Pakistan earlier this year. Critics say governments are not doing enough to tackle global warming.


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  1. yesterday's temperature was 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit at air(115 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit at feels). Also,at the hottest in the monent,no electricity because of mountain fires(uninhabitable temperatures)[at Sheung Shui]

  2. what's happening is the start of a humans-included massive extintion that can't be stopped already. News about the topic helps people to get ready to migrate and live a little longer. Although everyone will die off at the end doing much hastle about it has no point

  3. It is the wrath of God upon the earth:
    Revelation 16:8
    And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given to him to scorch men with fire.
    And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

  4. @4:43 The answer on if Germany shutting down it's power plants was a clever decision, was really poor. Saying that it's expensive to build power plants is dumb, since the power plants are already built it stands to posit that running them is financially a better decision because the money has already been put into building them.

  5. 12:00 Does anyone ever question whether they are legitimate activists?…. Probably very easy for billion dollar oil companies to pay a few random people to block roads and hold up “Stop global warming” and Just stop oil”, signs…. They are literally a nuisance to only the every day working people….. Their protests make no difference whatsoever to the oil companies…

  6. Climate change happens since the earth was formed, ask the more than 95% of extinct species. "The strongest survive" they say. I agree, in times when the climate is quite stable it's the strongest who survive, but when the earth/climate changes it's the ones who are able to adapt/change that survive

  7. The occurrence of stoms,rains,ice, and floods at times and in unexpected places,confirms my theory the end of the (dynamic horizontal movement )which needs to balance and it sill under control to balance…
    But about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, tsunami, dry lakes and rivers, flow of water from the mountains and hills,explodeand of eyes water from the ground, formation of new mountains or islands, collaps of mountains ,and cracks on ground,& ,& ,&,they are out of control or balance…

    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

  8. Abstract :

    The energy that dominates the earth is very great, some of it is natural, like the heat of the sun and volcanoes, and some of it is human action, by cutting down trees, without replacing them and cultivating in their place…
    There are five forces that control or dominate the planet…
    1- The first theory (horizontal dynamic movement) and its end…
    The occurrence of storms, rain, floods and snow, at unexpected times and places, is because of the expiration of this theory, which needs to be balanced…
    2- The second theory (vertical dynamic movement) and its end…
    This movement or force controls or dominates the earthquakes, earth cracks, drying up of rivers and lakes, earth openings, mountain collapses, and the emergence of drinking water springs on the ground…
    It becames out of control…
    These phenomena increased due to the end of this theory…
    The third theory: it is water that rotates the earth…

    The fourth theory: the Earth's axis of rotation has tilted 2° degrees…

    The fifth theory: The Earth has a new orbit…

    These studies had completed and sent on July 26th 2000


  9. Hotter than 1921 when it was reported that millions of people died across Europe and Asia from heat and famine caused by drought?

    Or more devastating than the 60 million people who died in China, India and Brazil in the 1870's when Co2 levels were low.

    China has had floods that killed millions of people in their history. For instance in 1931 when 4 million people died. Was this climate change?

    Stop scaring people for profit!

  10. CO2'S levels are nothing to do with it.

    0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere.

    There are too many ppl using up too much resource. Cutting trees down. Etc.

    I'm sick of saying this.

    If you drop to 150ppm, plant life starts to die. We are currently at 400ppm.

  11. Get used to it. For the next 20 years, the "hottest 8 years on record" will be getting updated every year with freshly broken records. That's the warming we already signed up for by not taking climate change seriously enough to actually change our habits which caused it. This fate alone is going to to cause catastrophes – buckle up if you plan on living for the next 2 decades.
    After the next 20 years of warming which we are STUCK WITH now, t's highly likely that additional warming will continue due to the human beings right now in 2023 STILL not taking the problem seriously enough to make changes. If we don't change, nature will change. Nature will change to become much less welcoming. Our current efforts are half-assed at best.

  12. Controlling 8 billion people is not possible
    If people haven’t realised this time Anthropocene era now is the beginning off the end for modern humans! Another 25/30 we’re done
    Of that I’m sure

  13. It's stupidity to call warmth as human factor. We living in the end of coldest era in history of earth. Of course temperature will raise further cause it want's equilibrium.

  14. Its also been the coldest on record. Climate change has been happening for 4.5 billion years and will continue 4.5 billion years after humans are gone and extinct. Humans cannot and will never change this.

  15. It was hotter in 1930, stop the lies.
    Lowest temperatures this Winter in the US for 116 years. 70 feet of snow. Ice at the Poles at an 8 year high. Stop the lies.

  16. Welp, we've only known this was going to happen since the early 1900s. Even gas companies put out reports 50yrs ago concerning CO2 emissions they are causing. We have to keep emissions down to around 4gt/year. That's less than .5T/person. You really want to know how how to fix the CO2 emissions? Live the life style of those countries such as Laos, Sudan and Haiti just to name a few. Pretty sure the populations of the development nations will NOT live that life style. Just apologize to your young children and grandchildren like I did. We're on a ride and not much anyone is going to do about it. Oh and pray there's no such thing as reincarnation! ?

  17. It's European countries and America<, Australia which together less then 7% of world population are responsible of 80% of resources to consume till this consumerismband advertisement of those items are banned till their is no hope and countries should be held responsible and should be pay for that.

  18. Drop the Oil, Go Nuke, more hydroelectric (more dams on the rivers) and millions of windmill and solar panel (put down trees like in Scotland) and shut down porno and social media (The Cloud 2% of global emission). Ops, no one want do that… GoodBye Humanity ???

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