Harry Wilkinson Describes the Specifics About Extreme Weather conditions

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GWPF Head of Plan, Harry Wilkinson, is interviewed on Talk Radio about serious climate and what we must do about weather modify.


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  1. As a skeptic, I do appreciate Harry's rational stance. At least he identifies there is corruption and extremism.
    I would also agree that we can transition into new energy quite naturally and well before 2100.

    There are 2 things the global discussion is biased against > Natural Forcing and technology.

  2. WE DO NOT AFFECT THE CLIMATE, NOR CAN WE. THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY AND NO SEA LEVEL RISE. WHAT PEOPLE BELIEVE IS IRRELEVANT. DATA SHOWS NO PROBLEM. Carbon dioxide does not cause climate change. David Attenbotough is full of shit. Either that, or he is an idiot that doesn't follow actual data.

  3. There's NO climate emergency according to the following studies:

    Tony Heller shows in this video how there were major heatwaves or global warming between 1790 and 1934: &

    Pope Francis, the man of sin in the Vatican, which receives its power from satan in Revelation 13:2, has been pushing his false gospel on climate change or global warming since he became pope in March 2013. Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, major corporations, banks, Hollywood, governments and the biggest indoctrination institutions in the world including public schools, colleges and universities are regurgitating what the pope is saying because the world wonders after the beast, the Vatican (Revelation 13:3).

    The pope is using climate change to unite the world together so he can become the world's leader with the purpose of enforcing his mark, hence, the mark of the beast…the beast or kingdom being the Vatican.

    Climate change will be used by the Vatican to enforce its mark, hence, the mark of the beast: &

    Earthquakes, floods and erupting volcanoes are not caused by the human race. These are God's judgments warning the masses that His holy Son, Jesus Christ, is coming back soon.

  4. Dear all, I am regularly send links to Tony's videos to the following with the subject title: You don't really want the truth, but here you go anyway.
    (There are a whole lot more at :

    It will annoy the hell out of them that people know the truth, so I URGE AND IMPLORE you to do the same with Tony's videos, or GWPF vids, or any others that tell the truth. Some of these deluded a-holes picking up emails may actually watch them and learn something, they are after all being led by some seriously disturbed fucktards.

  5. Al gore 2006 – "The point of no return is 10 years away, Florida keys will be under water and there will be no ice on the artic"

    Ten years later, "ummm… why hasn't anything changed? Why has arctic sea ice continued to increase?"
    Can someone also explain why people still believe this rubbish? Temperature data has been tampered with continuously around the world and if we used the raw data unhomogenised we see a cooling trend worldwide and people aren't looking at historical data like they used to. eg: hottest temps in australia were recorded in 1909 in Burke at 51.7C… But no hottest temp ever is now 49 somewhere in WA. The whole thing is propaganda.
    We are over populated, we do need to think sustainable because resources are limited, but Jesus Christ, this crap is just making kids depressed. No one can predict the climate it is far too complex.

  6. Spot on, Not unprecedented fires at all. In 1974-75, Australian bushfires burnt over 117 million hectares or 15 per cent of the total land area of the continent. The 2019 – 2020 season has burned 10.7 million hectares so far.

  7. We are now entering a solar minimum very low sun spot activity, we have solar minimum and solar maximum, the earths axis changes from 21.2- 24.5 degrees at this moment it’s 23.5 degrees this is a 41,000 year cycle back and forth it’s to do with the earth being top heavy from ice and snow , then we have the tectonic plates shifting there are many reasons why the earths climate changes it’s all natural but no money can be make out of something that natural , three things we need for life on earth water , the sun and c02 without one , all life on earth will be extinct the biggest greenhouse gas is what c02 no it’s only 0.04 of 1=%, water vapour clouds ⛅️ 36 % , it’s all about money and control , MSM propaganda brainwashing are for the weak minded look at the lies big corporations backed governments have lied 🤥, the Vikings named Greenland for that very reason the world has been though what 6 ice ages and it will again , 40 yrs back we were going into another ice age , we have no control over this earth 🌍

  8. The climate changes. It always and always will. Humans cannot change the climate or there'd be palm trees growing in the northetn hemisphere and/or it would be turned into a temperate zone. Also, weather events are not climate! Weather is immediate. Climate is measured and what occurs over time. Just saying 'cLIEmate change' after a weather event sounds completely irrational.

  9. The utter stupidity of the media is illustrated the assumption that it is only the elderly who are “deniers” and they will be dead soon and so should be ignored. Will we be allowed to convert all our assets to money and have them burned in the coffin with us, since we are judged to have no value whatsoever?

  10. Emissions will peak in the 2020s??? Sure. Maybe a few hundred million 3rd world citizens will just say fuck it I'm fine in my hut with no electricity and no firewood. Who wans to strive for a better living anyway.

  11. This post is about a previous video on this channel and I thought it worth reposting here, below is the link to the video in question.

    There is more going on here than meets the eye which absolutely no one seems able to detect, which is the effect of "hero-worship" which permeates the entire global population (mainly of adults). What of other matters of human concern which go unchecked, for example, the academic and scientific communities the product of which are frequently featured on Youtube such as TED Talks Tedx and countless others, priming society for the same mass manipulation as detailed in this video.

    If the cause of the fires is not addressed and remedied then fires will continue. It is the conditions in which propaganda machines thrive which need to be treated. Do that, and propaganda will consistently fail to gain purchase on the collective psyche of those who direct public opinion. ie, the majority.

    The fact that almost everyone intimidated by the language employed in this post demonstrates in itself how ill-equipped the general population is to defend itself against such propaganda. I think my channel despite its poor production quality can remedy some of those social deficits, but even that requires work and persistence of the audience which is not exactly a trait common in society.

  12. the abc australia talks incessantly about climate change , on the news , current affairs , at any opportunity they get they will have an authority on climate change constantly bleating . no voices from those who don't agree to have an alternative viewpoint . as if telling us everyday is going to fix the problem . the fires we are having has sent them into overdrive . we have no dissenting voices at all . are we sick of it ? yes we are .

  13. As far as the Greenhouse effect of CO2 is concerned, it is saturated at the present level; refer Prof. Will Happer of Princeton. There is no downside to increasing CO2. We live on a CO2 starved planet. As an aside, I am disappointed to see the GWPF entertaining the alarmist position.

  14. It isn't manmade period. Greening of the planet due to CO2 IS MANMADE and they are complaining about even that. Never have a discussion with an idiot who can't even read the IPCCs own reports. The IPCC and NASA said years ago and neither have recanted, "Climate is a chaotic system that cannot be predicted" as they have shown us by getting every prediction of an unpredictable thing wrong ……Period!!!

  15. Climate changes are constant not static. People's minds have difficulty in getting a true perspective about these changes as the time span for climate changes are significantly longer than a human life span. This Earth is 4000.000,000 years old I am told.

  16. I suspect that global warming would reduce extreme weather because of the relationship between temperature and pressure which is something that I have personally became very aware a of from my experience at maintaining and calibrating a particular type of steam steriliser. While the chamber is in mid cycle full of steam there is very little variation in temperature because water in this case in the form of steam is a much better conductor of heat. however at the end of sterilisation the steam is released and the drying process begins at this time the temperature within the chamber varies a lot and it is hottest at the area of the chamber where the heaters are a externally attached. Now if you look at a typical wether report you’ll see high and low pressure areas and you’ll be correctly informed that they are the causes of various types of events including extreme wether. These differences in pressure are caused by differences in temperature therefore if the Earth was warmer there would be more moisture in the atmosphere and as moisture is a better conductor of temperature than air there would be less differences in temperature resulting in less differences in pressure.

    We’ve just had severe bush fires in Australia because it’s been dry for a long time, there is only one place on earth that is dryer than Australia and that’s Antartica because it is also the coldest. Some people might remember back in the seventies the earth got a bit cold and scientist were worried that we could be heading for an ice age, as the man said, Australia had bad fires back then as well.

    I believe that global warming would be a good thing if it were true but I think we are actually cooling which could well turnout to be a catastrophe of biblical proportions.

  17. Whether its man made or natural is extremely relevant.
    You cant fix something unless you know what the problem is. Use your heads.
    And btw, have you people ever heard of the sun? Has it occured to you that the cause might be extraterrestrial?

  18. The UK had over 2,500 feet of ice covering it in recent geological history. The inhabitants of the land migrated South into what is now France and the Iberian peninsula. Even today many people in the UK have genetic similarities to inhabitants of Northern Spain. Low levels of CO2 were the trigger for the Glaciation when the majority of the moisture in the atmosphere was able to collect up at the magnetic poles. Higher levels of atmospheric CO2 helps to prevent this happening. Consequently, the world's vegetation was starved of both CO2 (plant food) and water , causing mass extinctions of both animal and plant life..

  19. AHAHAH IPCC? What?? This institution has been introduced by Maurice Strong with the support money from Rockfeller… This already has enough support to close this conversation here and now!

  20. There is a Natural Climate Cycle driven by the Solar Cycle. We are ending Solar Cycle 24 and now heading into Solar Cycle 25. Look through historical climate temperature records and you will see the repeating cycles. The so called "Climate Emergency" is an agenda perpetrated to control and oppress you and make you pay a Carbon Tax. Do not repeat or believe anything that I have said, until you have done your own research to educate and inform yourself.

  21. Good things generally come from warmer climates anyway and melting sea ice does not add to sea levels. Increasing or decreasing Co2 levels will nott stop natural climate cycles.



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