H2o administration technological know-how formulated as weather alter and extraordinary temperature ailments worsen

비 많든 적든 걱정 없다…물관리 기술 속속 개발

Quite a few scientists say weather adjust is resulting in massive harm around the planet, particularly to the agricultural sector.
Appropriately, South Korean scientists are establishing water management technologies to make droughts or flooding a contact additional bearable.
Jeong Eun-joo has more.

This tractor is setting up a drainpipe and burying rice hulls 50 centimeters into the floor.
By putting in a drainage process in this way, paddy fields with loads of water can be turned into typical fields, and flooding or flood harm can be prevented.
Even vegetation like beans which normally never increase well in damp soil… thrive in these fields when it rains often as it did this summer time.
Without a drainage method like this, bean yields decline.

“Now, we are equipped to go correct out into the fields without needing boots even immediately after it truly is rained. It is really really improved points for farming.”

South Korean scientists have also formulated an computerized irrigation control technological innovation.
This technological know-how materials only the sum of drinking water essential for crops by means of tubes buried in the ground.
It will save water and increases drinking water-use effectiveness to aid prevail over droughts.

“We’ve created a smartphone application that can keep an eye on soil dampness and groundwater degrees at all times, so we can check soil moisture situations all around the clock.”

Graphic assessment engineering has been formulated for specific h2o management.
Sensors are made use of to determine the growth and moisture of crops.
There is also an automatic h2o and pest management function.

“By working with a around-infrared wavelength which is invisible to the human eye, we can see plant growth and determine no matter whether or not they have sufficient drinking water.”

As local weather alter causes intense weather conditions disorders, it is essential to build technological know-how that ensures stable foods output.
This technological know-how will allow farmers to create the crops they require.

Jeong Eun-joo, Arirang News.

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2022-10-13, 12:30 (KST)


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