Guhagar beach

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Guhagar beach

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Guhagar is a district near to Raigad and Ratnagiri in the state of Maharashtra, India.
Guhagar is a very small coastal town with a small population.
One will find a number of temples in and around guhagar; Vyadeshwar, Durgadevi, Hedvi being the famous ones.
The Guhagar beach is just a min away from the bus stand and is one of the longest beach strech around here.
Since the place dosen’t fall on the more known tourist circuit, the town, beach and temples are very secluded and all equally serene.
A bus or share auto can take you to the Hedvi ganesh temlple and beach. On the way you will notice the geography of the place with its coastal cliffs, small mountains, roads leading to seaside fishing hamlets, the red soil, the salty sea breeze, mango plantations sending the sweet scent of their flowers (mohor in marathi) into the air, the village folks waiting at busstops, skin tanned dark due to the sun; all leaving you in a very different state of mind; peaceful and content.
If one goes ahead on the same route for 15-20 mins then you will reach a small port from where a ferry service is available taking you to Jaigad port. Jaigad has a seaside fort. Ratnagiri is close from here.

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