GRID Legends – Extraordinary Weather Gameplay!! 4K 60FPS (Thunder Storms / Snow / Cockpit Perspective + Far more)

GRID Legends options some of the greatest weather conditions consequences observed in ANY racing game.. But does it rival the best of all time – Driveclub. Some of the vehicles featured include things like the Ferrari FXX-K Evo, Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm, Mazda 787B and many additional!! The gameplay also features Chase-Cam and Cockpit Cam in a lot of distinct destinations in the match.
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  1. The amount of control you have when driving is … AMAZING ! ? . It's something I've never been able to achieve in all the years I've been playing racing games ?

  2. Looking at the cockpit view when driving in this game reminded me of how driveclub used to do it. Seems like this resembles it in many ways given the fact that the remainder of Evolution Studios were absorbed into CodeMasters when the latter bought the former. Seems like some of their skill has carried over. Hope Grid gets better with more sequels to come!!!

  3. Its hard to not compare any new racing game to driveclub since that’s clearly in its own league to this day. And while this game looks impressive, its still not as good (imo) I liked the darker and more intense camera effects driveclub had. Maybe there’s ways we can tweak the lighting and camera to replicate what driveclub had?

  4. Wait did someone just said "Better than Driveclub…" !
    Can someone please teach him that history will never bring Driveclub again and definitely not a better game. that game looks good though, just doesn't need to be compared to Driveclub.

  5. Here we are in 2022 and still there is no other racing game that looks better than driveclub. I mean grid legends looks pretty nice but still not on driveclubs level. This game reminds me of a pgr 4 .

  6. Looks good but I'm really not up for dropping £50 on this after seeing what happened with Dirt 5. If I already have FH5 and Dirt Rally 2 I see no reasons to run out to buy this right now. I'll wait for it to get added onto Gamepass.

  7. One thing that has bugged me about weather effects in the last two Grid games, is that the rain droplets don't look like you are moving towards them, but instead they look as they would if you were stationary.

  8. This could easily be called Project Gotham Racing Revival, it's giving the same vibe and I love that

    By the way, it still looks worse than Driveclub

  9. If Grid Legends is any indication of good game I feel Sorry for Criterion partnership with Codemasters, Need for Speed 2022 is Doomed before releasing. Grid Legends look like a wannabe Gran Turismo with actor's cutscenes. First few seconds was "Oh WOW" Great game . few minutes later…. What is this mess?? is Grid Legends worth buying??? to be Totally Honest……….Ahhhh No. when will these developers learn racing games do not need "Actor's" in the game 2015 NFS suffered for that. Racing games do not need microtransaction slot machine in the game payback flopped because of that. simple Fun racing game is what we want. no additives, no preservatives, no fruit coloring. meaning : No Autolog, No Multiplayer racing, No Online racing. Ea bring fun back to NFS
    and Codemasters Grid 1/2 was much better.

  10. Can you make a comparison between Grid 2019 and Grid Legends on some maps, please?? I hope we see some changes in graphics and probably, your driving skills as well! ?

  11. I wanna like this game but like 2019, the way the engine notes cut when you shift gears sounds weird, also they did the 787B a disservice. That thing should be singing.

  12. Man, Codemaster games always did great job with the weather but their lighting especially the car front lights always underwhelming. I can't see shit playing Dirt 2.0 in night stages and heavy rain ?

  13. How is driveclub still above that ? like the game is far behind in details compare to newer titles but how did they manage to make the shading so life like is style blowing my socks off.

  14. Great for a general, arcade racing game. But the storyline? Don't buy it if you are in for the storyline of this masterpiece. TOCA Race Driver fans must GREATLY despise of this game.

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