Greta Thunberg: The Voice of the Potential

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From intense temperature to total environmental destruction, the impacts of local weather modify can no lengthier be ignored as day by day our planet ticks closer to oblivion. Regardless of the steps of earth leaders the planet is little by little dying and time is working out.
When all hope is lost an not likely voice of emerges from the darkness– Greta Thunberg. This is the remarkable true tale of how the steps of a single Swedish teenager went on to inspire a world movement that has pushed the combat for serious motion in opposition to local climate alter further more than at any time just before. No just one is way too tiny to make a change and never in advance of has that been clearer.


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  1. They make a movie about a kid who hasn't even finishes highschool when they could of spent the money on solar panels or something to actually help the environment these people are ridiculous and only reason shes known is cause she has money she has no knowledge of the world even the beat scientists in the world struggle with the planet

  2. After all the years she's spent doing research and writing papers…. Oh wait. She actually has no real education or training in science and is being used as a puppet.



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